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Meniyka KiravellI used to secretly pray to be figuratively struck by lightening and upon awakening, to be able to draw, paint and create great works of art. Like many of us, I’ve been fascinated by art and it’s creation since I can remember.  However, it’s difficult to keep one’s passions on the back-burner for too long… here you can check out a little of what I’ve been up to since I embraced my inner artist.

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Lucky for me, a few years ago I stumbled upon a life changing book called “The Power of the Other Hand.” It was during one of the book’s exercises that I had a glimpse of my true inner child’s desire which was to paint and draw and be a traditional fine artist. I suppose this realization was my being “struck by lightening.”

This realization kindled my dream in a sense and gave me what I believe to be my first true chance by suspending my disbelief that I just didn’t have “it”.  Just acknowledging the possibility that I could if I wanted to changed everything for me.

I trusted this new ‘gut feeling’ that we all have a living artist inside of us and we can all achieve whatever we put our minds to. At the very least, the feeling I imagined I would get from creating beautiful art was something I could most definitely attain…and with this new belief, it was as if a dam in my mind shattered and I began to draw and paint that very day.

Alongside my creative expression, I also began to study the technical art of drawing, learning how to see, color mixing, and an array of other techniques.  I’ve found that by increasing my tool box and knowing how to use it, I can more accurately channel the visions in my mind. I apply this method to nearly everything in my life.

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Below you’ll find some of my personal favorites.  The painting’s Graceland, Mariposa and Girl At Burningman have exhibited in Southern California!

Thank you again for perusing and if you like what you see, check out the available prints in the Shop.

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