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What It Means & When It Pays To Go General In Our Thinking.

Our ability to focus and give our attention to something is perhaps mankind’s greatest gift.  It’s this ability to control our focus that can make our mind our best friend or our worst enemy.

Much of the Vibrational Science approach to creating a happy healthy state of mind is based on meditation practices, visualization and positive thinking that exercise our ability to focus.  A common question I get is: ‘How long is it worth focusing on something?’  Other similar questions include: ’How do I know if something is worth my attention at all? For instance, what about my health concerns… my aches and pains? Shouldn’t I focus on those to understand what the problem is and where it all began? Even if some subjects don’t feel good, shouldn’t I get them sorted and face the facts?’

Today we’re going to nip these questions in the bud by taking the Abraham Hicks approach for determining how detailed one should ideally get in their mind regarding any train of thought or subject before our attention to it becomes it’s own problem.

Go General

The guideline is to get as specific and involved as you can in a memory, observation or ‘imagining’ while it still feels good. If what you are conjuring in your mind fills you with pleasant feelings then you are on the right path, if it stops feeling good and starts to worry or stress you out then know that you need to take a step back from the details and go more general in your thinking.  So the suggestion isn’t to necessarily drop the subject all together, but to simply drop the details and look at the big picture… in Abraham speak this is what it means to go general.

Perhaps this concept still sounds a bit vague so let’s consider the following example.

Let’s say I’m on the lookout for a new home and my goal with my new visualization meditation is to imagine my ideal living environment. 

At first I start thinking about how I feel in my perfect home. There is so much light, it feels spacious… it’s also quiet and safe. Perhaps, I imagine how I love the neighborhood in a certain area and how close it is to my work. But then my thoughts take a turn and I start thinking about how homes in that neighborhood are so expensive and that I couldn’t afford a house in that particular place, let alone rent there. In fact as far as I know, there aren’t any rentals in that neighborhood!

As you can see the train of thought above started out fairly lighthearted and optimistic, but then  as we started getting more specific we started to take a turn by burying ourself in what most would consider to be practical details.  ‘The neighborhood we want is too expensive for what we believe we know of that area’ and so on and so forth.

This is where we could instead gently guide our thoughts away from the specifics and back into more general ideas about our ideal home and how that makes us feel. In other words, stick to how the home makes you feel with the space, the quiet, the lovely neighbors etc.

The whole point of an imagining is to make it the way you want in your mind! Abraham calls this process scripting. The goal is to go as far as you can go with possibilities and what you want until it pushes the boundaries of your current belief system. You’ll know when you hit your limits because the idea simply doesn’t feel as good as the previous thoughts did.

The way ‘Vibrational Sciences’ and the cosmic flow of the Universe works is based on the feelings and energy we emit 24/7. Energy at the quantum level doesn’t care if what we think about is practical or not, or how realistic  or true we think something is. It simply responds to how we feel about it.

If we feel good about something and are resistance free about it, then some version of that something will invariably flow to us in some optimal form one way or another.  However, if we have a lot of resistance about it in the form of doubts for example (no matter how practical we think we are being,) we are just making it so that matching energy flows to us to give us the match of what we are emitting. In the case above, if we were to continue with that train of thought, we would find that every house in our search within this particular neighborhood would in fact be out of our budget.

As Abraham would say, don’t worry about ‘the how’ or the details. Know what you want and get as specific as you can as long as it feels good. Don’t allow your energy to take a turn getting caught up in specifics because then you end up creating a reality that is limited based on the limits you impose with your feelings and beliefs. If you think something is impossible or difficult then it will be. Practically speaking, if you think something is impossible you will likely give up all together. In other words, you literally will not see the possibilities because you are closed off to them in your mind and thus with your perception and resulting actions.

However, If you think something is possible then it is. And if you stay open and positive then you will be more perceptive to the opportunities that are out there. You will be energetically and ‘subconsciously’ open to the options that are a match for your energy. Case in point: people DO win the lottery. If the winner felt it was impossible, they never would have bought the ticket that turned out to be a winner.

Again, as best as you can, make a choice to move through life doubt free, carefree, positive and inspired and universal energies will match your energy with a reality that is the equivalent. If you keep hitting a wall within your mind then take a step back and go general. Think generally about things that feel good to you and that you know are possible.  Spacious homes are nice. Lots of light feels good.  Natural settings are beautiful. These are all general thoughts that feel good and true because they are generally speaking.

To find out more about the general-specific Abraham Hicks guideline, check out the Vortex Audio CD:

Go General

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