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Most recent blog & podcast: Hypnotist & energy healer Andy Sway discusses reincarnation, past lives & the healing power of hypnosis.

Most recent guided meditation: Exploring the sound healing benefits of chanting the HU mantra. 

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The Vibrational Science Series’

Tools for Healing Series

We’ll take a look at some powerful modalities including numerology, crystal healing & brain entrainment.

Guided Meditation Series

My latest series includes a fresh and new, short and sweet (under 10 minutes) guided meditation every month.

Spiritual Journey & Personal Stories Series

Here I share with you everything from my Out of Body experiences, how I got into meditation to extra-ordinary events including visions that lead me to my spiritual path.

The Guest Healer Series 

Interviews with a range of professional energy healers. The first interview is with Shaman Practitioner Ashley Tomasino.

The V Science Psychology 101 Series

Psychology 101 from a Vibrational Science perspective. In this series, we consider easy and effectives solution oriented techniques for self improvement & peace of mind. For instance, how specific should my affirmations be?

Breakfast for the Soul Series

Heaps of powerful and simple morning practices for meditation and journaling. Of course you can use any of these suggestions any time of day!

The Knowledge is Power Series 

Reviews of some of my favorite life changing books including channeled material by guides like Seth & Abraham Hicks.

Soul Empowerment Series  
Discussing perspectives and attitudes that attract success and happiness.


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Vibrational Science Blog

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