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The 2 Step Positive Vibe Makeover Using The Emotion Code

It’s commonly accepted these days that an attitude of gratitude in addition to a steady work ethic will take you the furthest in life.  I really appreciate this sentiment particularly because  A. it works for me and B. it takes into account both our physical actions in the “outer world” as well the importance of the state of our inner world.

Say we are interviewing for a job.  Whether we get the job or not likely depends on a few criteria- some of which are obvious such as: Are we a good candidate on paper? Did we show up on time? How’s our appearance?  But ultimately, the make or break factor will probably boil down to how the interviewer feels about us.  In other words, did they vibe with us or not? What did their gut say about us and visa versa?

I’ve found that even if I take all the ‘right’ physical steps externally, internally I might be thwarting my own efforts. And this self sabotage is often due to the existence of what energy healers refer to as “trapped emotions.”  Personally, I prefer to refer to these trapped vibes as simply trapped energy because sometimes the energy may not have even originated with us or our feelings and emotions!  Sometimes we pick up negative energy from others or our environment. Either way however, this harmful energy can impact my health, happiness and to put it simply: my vibe.

Positive Vibe Makeover - The Emotion Code

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So what can we do to clean up our energy and emanate a positive vibe? Well, there are myriad approaches, but not all of them are quick, simple and affordable. And so I present you with what I feel is the best of both worlds- effective and economical!

Step one to creating a positive vibe: Meditate and learn to see the bright side of things. Fill your energy field with positive thoughts, emotions, feelings and experiences via your inner world and imagination.  I’ve covered this extensively in various Vibrational Science episodes.

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Step two to creating a positive vibe: Clear out the old!  Believe it or not, old energy collects in our fields and bodies just like dust balls collect in the corners of homes with hard wood floors! While meditating is akin to filling our mind and energy field with the fragrance of metaphorical flowers, we still need to get in there and clean out the old!  Because no matter how much fragrance someone uses, they just can’t cover up a bad case of BO. And unfortunately, trapped negative energy is worst than smelly energetic BO because it can actually trigger physical and mental ailments and dis-ease.

One of the easiest methods I have found for clearing negative and stagnant energies that we may be subconsciously holding onto is by using the Emotion Code developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Similar to the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) but easier in my opinion, the Emotion Code allows one to tap into their subconscious and release energies, vibrations and emotions that are likely holding us back.

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Before we delve into the process, let’s briefly discuss the types of trapped energy we are targeting and how it may have gotten trapped to begin with. Essentially any kind of intense experience that wasn’t processed and released through acceptance, recognition or growth of some kind will likely leave residual vibes and potentially more in your energy field. Any experiences of trauma, grief, guilt, or shame for example are easily trapped in our field because we often don’t want to face them completely thereby leaving them unresolved and unreleased. Alternatively, as I mentioned earlier, sometimes we pick up negative or low vibration energy from others or our environment.  So we can use this information to maintain a healthy vibe by being honest with ourselves and choosing our company and environments wisely.

Getting back to the Emotion Code– the methodology sounds a bit far out, but it works! First we use Applied Kinesiology also known as muscle testing to zero in on an emotion that is still lingering in your field. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this. It’s in the book and online for free! Once a trapped emotion has been identified, it can be cleared by running one’s hands or a magnet over the governing meridian several times.

*A meridian is referred to in Chinese medicine as a pathway in which energy flows through the body. It is now generally accepted that  the nervous system as recognized in Western medicine is the analog to the Chinese medicine meridian system.  The governing meridian runs from the crown of the head down the spine and connects to other principal meridians in the body. It is for this reason, we work on the Governing Meridian when using the Emotion Code process.  The magnet’s function is to break up patterns of energy and vibrations on the quantum level which are targeted with your attention and intention.

I have used the Emotion Code successfully for relieving physical pain within minutes including knee pain and headaches to addressing and lessoning anxiety and stress.  That being said, I have also had a lot of success using other methods including EFT commonly referred to as “tapping.”  I have found however that the Emotion Code method is relatively quick and easy compared to other similar modalities.

Have you tried the Emotion Code or tapping?  Share with the rest of us what works for you! 

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