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Crystal Therapy And How It Works!

My official introduction to crystals and crystal healing began in 2010 after I moved back to the States from Australia. While figuring out my next steps, my younger brother was kind enough to host me in New York City.  And although I adored New York, with each passing month, I felt drawn to return to the west coast where I had lived years before.

Before moving, I felt I needed some assistance and clarity as to where in California I should settle. At the time, I was looking at some massage therapy and holistic medicine schools along the coast and to help me narrow down my options I decided to see a well known psychic in Brooklyn- Gemma Deller.

Our meeting was pretty mind blowing. Right off the bat, she told me I really wanted to go to the School of Healing Arts in San Diego.  See, this is pretty amazing because I didn’t tell her the names of the schools I was looking into!  In any case, it became clear she could tap into my subconscious mind and was an authentic intuitive, so I consciously decided to hear what she had to say with an open mind.

Gemma told me that soon I was to become enchanted with crystals and crystal healing.  When she mentioned this it was the first time during our session that my skepticism was triggered. At the time I was open to meditation, energy healing and all sorts of things, but my understanding of vibrational sciences was still developing. So the idea of rocks and minerals as healing objects seemed pretty ridiculous to me.

Ultimately, I ended up moving to San Diego and attending the School of Healing Arts where I did end up taking an extra curricular course in crystals and crystal healing.  And as Gemma predicted, I quickly became enchanted.

How can I explain the magic of crystals and how a skeptic like myself could be won over so quickly? When I was in the classroom filled with all of those potent, perfectly patterned atomic bundles of energy I could feel it! The vibration and atmosphere in the room was really high. I could feel it because the room felt the same as any space does when there are people meditating or just having positive and powerful thoughts, feelings and/or experiences. There was a distinct feeling of clarity and charged energy in the atmosphere.

So with time, I began wearing crystals, collecting them and meditating with them. And what did I find? Well, depending on the crystals I would wear- different things began to shift in my body, mind and life in general. In the beginning I took to wearing kyanite and citrine because these are energetically robust crystals that don’t have to be charged or cleansed as often as others.

Before delving in any further, what is crystal therapy and how does it work? Well, I’m no Tesla… but  I’m happy to share my understanding from a vibrational sciences perspective.

Crystal Therapy Nicola Tesla Quote

Human Beings- We are energy. On the subatomic level everything is just energy, space and vibrations. Our thoughts, feelings, intentions, and beliefs are transmitted and ripple through our energy field in the form of vibrations. Each and every cell and organ in our physical body also has it’s own resonant frequency, even down to the little bacterias, viruses and pathogens that exist in the ecosystem that makes up the human body.

At the energetic level, negative emotions, feelings, memories and experiences create a vibrational disharmony in the patterning of our energetic bodies. Eventually these ripples, kinks, wrinkles and vulnerabilities can manifest in the physical body as dis-ease if they are not dealt with.

Crystals- On the molecular level crystals are perfectly patterned harmonious 3 dimensional grids of atomic energy.  They too emit a vibration that reflects their essence. It’s this vibration that can negate, ‘break’, or curb an unharmonious vibration in our energetic bodies, chakras and auras.

Different crystals have different vibes. It depends on the minerals they are made of. It depends on their patterning at the atomic level. Just like different minerals and vitamins do different things for our physical bodies, crystals too will have different effects depending on what they are made of and how they are structured. An easy way to distinguish what a crystal is more likely to do is to look at it’s dominant colors.

Often black crystals and the energy of the minerals that make it black have a tendency to absorb negative energies.  Red crystals often stimulate the root chakra and are grounding.  Orange crystals will often stimulate the sacral chakra and the qualities associated with this part of the energetic body’s anatomy.  Yellow crystals will likely balance the solar plexus, greens address the heart chakra, blues the throat chakra, and so on and so forth.  Of course crystals can do much more than just balance chakras and there are thousands of crystals out there that work on myriad levels from stimulating intuition, joy, creativity and dreaming, to protecting someone from negative energies, to absorbing energy patterns that are harmful to us.

It’s for this reason, most crystals need to be cleansed and charged. They act as energetic sponges. In fact everything, us included have energetic sponge-like qualities. We are all swapping energy with everything around us 24/7.  Placing a crystal in the earth for a day or two is one of the easiest ways to energetically cleanse it. Really it’s no different than us grounding our bio electric physical bodies when we come in to direct contact with the earth.

+Read about grounding and how to increase the body’s health and immune system here. 

My Experience- I found that by wearing and meditating with crystals that are known for upper chakra healing, my mind and understanding of vibrational sciences began to open up.  I became more intuitive, psychic and creative.  I experienced a very tangible transformation in my abilities to understand, realize and create. My creative endeavors skyrocketed, the synchronicity switch in my life turned on. It’s as though I began to see the pattern of life with much greater clarity.  You could say it was almost matrix-y! Most of all, I began to feel lighter because I was finally in the flow.

I did noticed with time however, that I was becoming a little unbalanced with all of the upper chakra work I was doing and so I began to experiment with more grounding crystals. Crystals like hematite, jasper, and tourmaline.  As expected, I noticed a difference. I became less flighty and spaced out. My focus and attention improved dramatically.

Call it placebo effect or psychosomatic…whatever it may be, crystal therapy works. If you aren’t a fan already, look up your local crystal store or check out this great book on Crystal Healing by L. Jordan.

Crystal Therapy

Let me know what your experiences with crystals are in the comments below. May your mind be blown and your energetic body harmonized!

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