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Tools for Healing Series

The tools for healing series is all about modalities, techniques and external resources that can aid us in our personal growth, health and well being. Click here to go directly to the Vibrational Science Podcast on iTunes.

Crystal Therapy and How Crystal Healing Works

Find out about how crystals work with our energy and help us focus in different ways.

Brain Entrainment for Self Transformation

How rhythm affects our brain waves and in turn our state of mind.

Healing Benefits of attuning to the Schumann Resonance aka The Heartbeat of the Earth

Discussing the Schumann resonance; a natural frequency known for healing and counteracting EMF’s.

Chakra Sound Healing with Solfeggio Frequencies

How sound healing affects our energy and the benefit of certain frequencies.

How Colors Influence Our Mood and Health

Exploring the power behind color therapy.

The 2 Step Positive Vibe Makeover using the Emotion Code

How to remove blocks and kinks in our energy using magnets and applied kinesiology.

A Guide To Numerology & How To Do Chaldean Numerological Calculations.

Numerology is a great way to find out more about the energies in your life. I break it down for you so that by the end you will be able to calculate your own name and house numerology and have an idea of what it all means to you personally.

Fight Depression using Feng Shui

Give yourself a leg up and feel better by working outside-in and arranging your personal space.


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