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How Spiritual Enlightenment Came Knocking At The Door Of My Mind

My initial meetings with the Brahma Kumaris, a spiritual organization based out of India, were nothing short of remarkable. But before I get into the cosmic life changing experiences, divine visions and crazy synchronistic events that were to take place, I’ll give you the abbreviated version of how ‘spiritual enlightenment’ or something akin to it came knocking at my door and would drastically alter the course of my life.

When I was 16, my parents sent me to India to spend some time with my extended family. Often times in the summers we would go to the hill stations and mountains of northern India because they were so much cooler than the cities. On this particular trip, my family was in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan at a spiritual retreat center called Madhuban (in Hindi Madhuban means ‘the land of honey.’)

My experience in Madhuban was completely at odds with my life in the States. All of the food prepared was vegetarian. Everyone wore white and people would look deeply into my eyes anytime we came into contact. They called it drishti. Drishti’s literal translation is vision, so what I thought of as impertinent staring, was really a fellow Raj Yogi envisioning me as the spirit or soul within. It was most definitely weird and unsettling for a gal like me.

I stayed for a couple weeks, met some far out cosmic people that I couldn’t really appreciate until later in life when I would return. Just before leaving, as I was entering the taxi that would take me and my aunt down the mountain, I had one of my first cognizant, non-drug induced telepathic communications. I would have a hard time believing it myself if I hadn’t experienced it again on multiple occasions since then.

A voice unlike my own, thoughts in the form of sounds unlike my own, entered into my mind and requested that I return to this place in two years time- “…in the summer of 1998.” Instantaneously, I was shown a bird’s eye view of Madhuban with all of her white buildings, flowers and meditation gardens. And in a flash the vision and voice disappeared. I noted how odd and mildly creepy the experience was and at first wrote it off to too much fresh air, Indian food, and not enough mary jane!

Funny enough, in the following two years I became a full time vegetarian and began reading many of the ‘great books’ including the Gita, the Bible, the Old Testament, the Dhammapada and so on. Of course true to experimental teenage form, I was also reading a lot of Terrence Mckenna and Carlos Castenada.

By late summer 1998, I was knee deep into psychedelics, rock n roll, protests and theology. I was a walking paradox of idealism, cynicism, and apathy- a frustrated university student searching for the meaning of our existence and attempting to understand human nature.

Spiritual Enlightenment Quote

It was a Sunday morning in early August, 1998 that my life would take a turn and head off into a direction I never could have consciously imagined. I peeled my face off the carpet where I had passed out the night before and froze- the same voice that had entered my head years before returned as clear and vivid as the morning sun. The voice simply said “It’s time.” And the same vision of Madhuban appeared in my inner eye.

I rubbed my grubby eyes, twirled my gnarled dready hair and walked over to the phone. I hadn’t talked to my dad in months. We didn’t get along so well, but I called him anyway. He picked up the phone and upon hearing my voice his first words were “What do you want?”

So I told him. I wanted to visit that place where his sister had taken me a couple years before. I didn’t have the money for a ticket to anywhere, let alone a last minute ticket to the other side of the world.

My head felt like jelly, but even then the amazement seeped in as my father told me he had just received notification that he had enough rewards miles with KLM for a round trip ticket to India- And I could have it.

I left for India within the week. I needed to go and be back before school began. When I arrived at the Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Madhuban, I began the spiritual university’s free ‘7 day course.‘ During my two weeks there, I wore white, ate vegetarian food, practiced celibacy, meditated and studied. On the surface none of this seemed out of the ordinary, but internally I would have the experience of waking from a very deep sleep. And by the end of my two week stay, I would feel as though I had just recovered from a life long case of amnesia.

The 7 day course introduced me to myself as an eternal conscient being- or soul, residing within a vehicle of my creation- my body. I was re-introduced to the concept of God or Source whom Raja Yogi’s refer to as the Supreme Soul.  According to their faith, this ‘Soul’ never enters the process of birth and death, thus never forgets humanities truth or our story. His role is to remind us on earth of who we really are, what we are here to do, from where we came and where we are heading. The course also delves into karma aka cause & effect, our world family tree, the influence and part all religions play in our history, the great messengers and fathers of said religions- why and when they come and for what purpose… and perhaps most importantly of all- the course teaches one how to meditate using the oldest form of meditation in the world ‘Raja Yoga’.

A little aside here- a lot of the esoteric knowledge in the 7 day course can be difficult to swallow. Personally, I was there for the meditation. But like anything in life, my suggestion is to take what resonates with you and let the rest go.

Raja means king. Yoga means union. So this meditation is essentially the union of kings. I, the soul, a self sovereign, master of my vessel, master of my character- a king in my own right- connect with my true self and when I’m ready, or rather, if I’m open to it and choose to do so, I can connect with Source.

Raja Yoga isn’t about praying or physical postures. It’s about entering into the powerful silent space of experience in between positive thoughts full of wisdom and knowledge of the self. It is in this slow deep vibration of space that one entrains to the original vibration of the soul. The original state of the soul being that of peace, unconditional love and bliss. It is in this space that souls can communicate with the rest of themselves (i.e. the subconscious,) with other souls and again if one is open to it- their higher self or Source.

After my two weeks in India- I returned to the States. Having had my first taste of authentic spiritual enlightenment, I cleaned up my act and began repairing my life. I still hadn’t fully understood what I had just experienced, where I was headed or what it all meant. But an undeniable shift had occurred within me and I would never be quite the same.

I plan to take up the rest of my story and more about Raja Yoga in the following Vibrational Science Blog & Podcasts. Until then, thanks for tuning in!

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