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Getting To Know Yourself With Dreams And Other Divination Tools

In the last 24 hours, I’ve had some pretty unusual dreams and signs from my subconscious pointing out that I may be ready for a new passionate partnership of some kind.  I say unusual, because most of my dreams and ‘signs’ revolve round my current friends, family, work or passions.  So last night’s dream and the recent ‘signs’ really stand out to me as something different, but more importantly they clued me into some feelings that have been residing below the surface of my conscious mind.

“A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.” ~The Talmud

In a bit, I will share some tips on how to begin remembering your dream life and why dream recall can be such a helpful tool for getting to know yourself and for making day to day decisions in general.

Know Yourself

But first, I want to share a bit more about my dream and the synchronicity and signs I’ve experienced since. So in last night’s dream I found myself traveling to France to reconnect with a new friend I had met earlier on in the dream. Of course it’s a dream so it felt as though we had known each other for months by the time I arrived in France.  Upon arriving, we fell into the comfort of our relationship and I remember feeling so happy and grateful for having this person in my life.

Funny enough, my new friend was “wearing the body” of Matt Bomer, a celebrated gay actor who I’ve really only seen on USA’s hit show White Collar.  In my dream however, I had no consciousness that this was Matt Bomer, because in my dream this was my new partner and friend who just happened to look like the actor. As you may have experienced, sometimes in dreams we take on or see each other with different identities and bodies, but that’s only skin deep. Underneath the costume so to speak, we are who we are.

When I woke up and began dream journaling, I remember thinking it odd how comfortable I was with this new person in my life. Frankly, I’m not sure if it was romantic or business related, but all I know is that when I woke up I missed this person already.  I felt like I had spend months with a new best friend!

If you follow the Vibrational Science Blog or Podcast regularly, then you know I’m a huge fan of Seth, a conscient multi dimensional personality channeled by medium and metaphysical poet Jane Roberts during the 1970’s. In one of his first books, Seth explained a concept about dreaming that resonates with me to this very day. He claimed that before meeting anyone in our physical day to day reality, we will first meet them in the psychic realm while dreaming.  He explains how in our dreams, we do a lot of energetic trial and error before we decide to manifest anything in the physical realm.

I totally buy into this because when I was younger I would often see future events in my dreams. First I would see something in my dreams and then I would witness it in reality.  Everything from my parents’ divorce to my friend’s suicide in his car, to a song that I would eventually write and put on my forthcoming record.

Does this mean the future is fixed? Not at all. Well, I don’t believe so.

In another one of the earlier Seth books, a student of Seth asked him about fortune tellers, psychics and if they could tell the future. The student wanted to know how anyone could possible know the future.

I loved Seth’s explanation. He explained that a psychic is someone who is tuned into probabilities.  According to Seth, the future isn’t fixed and is constantly changing based on our vibrations, intentions, energy, desires and action. And of course there are a lot of moving parts!  We are all interconnected and our vibrational threads are constantly shifting in this interconnected web that we are all weave together simultaneously!

What an authentic fortune teller will do is read the probability of an occurrence happening if you were to continue to vibrate with the same proportion of thoughts, feelings, attitudes and general energy about any given thing at any given time. In other words, if I’m feeling really optimistic about love or partnership in this moment, if I’m feeling like I have the time, energy and openness for a relationship right now and were to continue on this vibratory path then an honest psychic would probably read that there is partnership in my immediate future. But if I were to change my attitude on a conscious and subconscious level for whatever the reason and feel too busy or closed off for a new relationship then an honest intuitive would likely pick up on that and say they can’t see that in my immediate future.

I’m explaining this concept in detail because understanding it from this perspective has really helped me to take charge of my life and vibrations.  Many of us would love to know what’s in store for us, but the truth is we create what’s coming based on our NOW!   The trick is to know that our NOW is based on what we are consciously and subconsciously creating through our vibrations.

And this is why I’m such a huge fan of dream journaling, meditation and other fun intuitive practices that help us get clued in to what’s going on below the surface of our minds right now!

Know Yourself

Yesterday morning after my meditation and before last night’s dream, I pulled an oracle card from the Journal of Love Deck by Alana Fairchild, Rassouli and Cohn. Sometimes if I have a question or just want to see what I am vibing, I will pull a card from this deck.  A lot of folks think oracle, angel and tarot cards are hocus pocus, and believe me, I’ve been there! But if one accepts the universal concept of the law of attraction and like attracting like, then it’s not so hard to see how you literally attract the card that is most resonating with your current energy, question or intention.

To me cards can serve as a literary looking glass into deciphering my dominant vibration at any given moment.

Not surprisingly, I pulled a card I had never pulled before and it was the #66 Coming Together card.  If you’re into numerology, then you will know that 66 is a double Venus master number. And Venus is the planet of love.  The first line of the Coming Together card is “You and another soul are coming into each other’s world’s.”  I remember my surprise when I pulled the card.  Then again I didn’t ask a specific question, I just thought to myself “What do I need to hear? What am I vibrating?” Since it was the first of many signs yet to come, I didn’t give it too much thought until I awoke from last night’s dream.

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This morning after dream journaling I decided to mix it up a bit and pulled a tarot card that I haven’t seen in recent memory!  Again I asked- “What am I vibrating, what do I need to hear?”  The card I selected was the ‘Two of Cups.’ Cups in tarot represent romance and relationships and the number two in numerology itself signifies the same energies!  The art work for the Two of Cups in my tarot deck is a man and woman facing each other with their foreheads touching and light streaming between them. The card descriptions for the Two of Cups reads “This is the card of passion and relationships.”

Now I am totally convinced that there is a big part of me that is vibrating this pairing love energy!  No I didn’t see it consciously, but my dreams and the cards brought it to my attention.  Keep in mind each of these decks has 70 to 80 cards!

So what is the benefit of all of this?  For me it’s about getting in touch with all of myself. The soul is like an iceberg with only 10% above water. 90% is below the surface.  I want to know all of me in order to live the most unified, whole and conscious existence possible.

If you want to get more in touch with yourself through your dreams here are a few time tested methods.

  • Wear blue kyanite while sleeping. Blue kyanite is an amazing crystal that enhances the upper chakra energies associated with dreams and the psychic realm.  Trust me!  Your dreams will become uber vivid.
  • Place a pouch of mugwort under your pillow before you go to sleep. I studied mugwort in herbology, and although I have never slept with it, I have had friends who swear by it. It’s a very powerful herb and a lot of people actually complain that they can’t get a restful sleep because their dreams were too vivid!
  • Go to bed sober. Avoid caffeine, drugs, and alcohol before sleeping.
  • Say some affirmations before sleeping about how you do remember your dreams and how you love to remember them. Visualize or imagine the feeling you have in the morning when you do remember your dreams.
  • Dream journal upon waking.  Right when you wake up, jot down whatever you can remember. I’m not sure why this works so well, but it does.  For me, dream journaling bridges and stretches the time and space between sleep and waking and I find I remember my dreams more accurately and for longer periods of time in the morning.

Let me know in the comments below how these work for you or if you have any other dream recall tips that you swear by!

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