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The Spiritual Journey, Stories and Experiences Series

In this Spiritual Journey Series, I along with others will share our personal experiences and reflections on how spirituality became a prominent part of our lives and how it all came to be. In my case it certainly wasn’t planned!  If you would like to share and blog about your experience, please contact me at

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How ‘Spiritual Enlightenment’ came knocking at the door of my mind

I knew next to nothing about meditation until a series of events lead me to my spiritual revolution.

Creative Expression & Finding Your Unique Flow in 4 Steps

I was a blocked artist until I embraced my inner artist. Find out how to tap your unlimited creative stream.

The Power of Forgiveness & How It Changed My Life!

My late father visited me from beyond and shared an important message that literally transformed my life.

Getting to Know What’s Under the Surface of our Minds…

How dreams and divination tools can illuminate what vibrations are dominant in our subconscious.

My 20 Year Journey in Out of Body Experiences and Travel (OBEs)

I have had countless OBE experiences as a child and teen. Find out how they began, what they were like and how I brought those experiences to a close.


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