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The Easy Method For Transforming Limiting Beliefs

I’m still flying high on the inspirational words and advice given by Sandra Anne Taylor in her awesome book Quantum Success. Today I’m sharing her beautiful step by step approach for transforming limiting or negative beliefs that could be holding you back.

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Since so much of personal magnetism and accompanying success has to do with self image, I really believe this is the best place to start when shifting our energy. In other words, by tackling limiting beliefs that have to do with our self esteem and self image, we can increase our confidence, charisma and magnetism- all three of which greatly contribute to success in life.  Of course you can use these steps for shifting any limiting beliefs or attitudes that may be holding you back.  You may for example choose to transform a limiting belief about your attitude towards money, health or other people.

I’ve covered some of the steps below in various Vibrational Science blogs and podcast episodes, but here we are going to put them together for an easy step by step process to transforming our energy for an energetic makeover!

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I highly recommend a journal and setting aside 5-10 minutes every day for this practice. It should be easy and enjoyable, however to really shift our energy- we have to get real with ourselves. As long as you’re ready to feel your way through this and put in a little legwork, you’re guaranteed to have great results.

The basis for the success in following these steps lies with the flexible ‘plastic’ nature of our brains.

Web Definition 1. Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses due to changes in behavior, environment, neural processes, thinking, emotions, as well as changes resulting from bodily injury.

Transforming Limiting Beliefs Quote from Kiravell's Vibrational Science Blog & Podcast

This is actually the science behind meditation. For more on neuroplasticity, check out my favorite book on the subject: The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge.

When we think or feel something new or different in connection with any concept, memory, or experience, we are laying down new neural pathways in our brain or as yogis would say ‘impressions’ in the soul. When we follow our usual pattern, we are strengthening our pre-existing neural pathways and impressions.

When I learned of this concept in Raja Yoga, the yogi used an analogy that leaving impressions in the soul was akin to creating tracks in a dirt road when driving from one destination to another. Over time if we drive to the same destination in the same way, these impressions aka tracks or neural pathways become deeper and stronger. And ultimately the sum of these ‘tracks’ become our habits. Our personalities are essentially a conglomeration of all of our impressions, habits and ‘ways’ of thinking, being and behaving.

We have laid down tracks and impressions in our energy bodies and our brains consciously and subconsciously for every characteristic that defines us; from subtle aspects like the way we think, what we think about, how we feel, and our attitudes to gross characteristics like body posture, mannerisms and physical behavior.

The great news is that we can always take a path less travelled and set up new impressions and neural pathways whenever we want. And as Taylor eloquently describes in Quantum Success, “ because the brain can’t distinguish between an image of experience and one of vivid imagination”, we can change our neural pathways and our energy before we take action outside of our minds! The benefit of this can be demonstrated in the following example.

Let’s say someone has limited and negative beliefs about their ability to perform in front of large audiences. Every time they think of performing, they experience feelings of anxiety. Using the following steps, one could transform the neural pathways that connects performance and the feelings of anxiety before actually having to physically take the stage. Taylor shares one of her clients experiences in overcoming stage fright in the mind before taking a new job where he would be required to speak to audiences of thousands.

Thus without further ado- here are the 5 steps for creating new neural pathways and transforming your energy and behavior.

1. Recognize and write down a limiting or negative belief you want to transform. You can recognize the nature of the belief based on the way it makes you feel. Using the example of stage fright, if you were to think of performing and the idea of it made you sick to your stomach- then you would know you have a limited belief surrounding this.

2. Affirm that you are ready to let this go and transform your attitude and feelings towards this by replacing it with something positive. For example, “I release any images or judgements about me not being able to successfully speak in front of audiences. I deserve to be accepted as I am. I am capable and adept. My new picture of myself is confidence and ease personified.”

3. Write down a vivid description of each new positive image. For example, you may think of someone who is comfortable speaking in front of audiences. Describe that ideal scenario in as much detail as you can.

4. Step into this scenario and personalize it. Visualize, imagine and feel it as much as possible through your eyes. Make it as real as possible for yourself and experience the feelings of joy, pleasure, confidence or whatever is appropriate as much as you can. For help on visualization practices, check out the Breakfast for the Soul Series.

5. Rinse and repeat! Do this for different limiting beliefs and make sure you spend 5 minutes daily on step #4 for each limiting belief. Continue until you feel a shift in your thoughts and feelings. For example, when the thought of performing doesn’t make you uncomfortable or anxious any longer and it actually fills you with a sense of enthusiasm, then you know you are successfully laying down new neural pathways and impressions in the soul.

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Update 9/20/19: Found another great step by step process for releasing limiting beliefs: +Check it out here:

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