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How To Stop Thinking Using Faith Based On Experience

Until my 30’s, my mind was one of those wild horses that used to run a mile a minute.  Thanks to meditation, healthier foods, less sugar and a more positive lifestyle, my mind has cooled down over the years.

While reflecting on how far I have come, I realized there is one quality I never saw as integral to the process of quieting the mind.  Yet this one quality has seriously helped me traverse the landscape of my mind especially when my mind won’t settle down.  -And that’s the quality of faith.

When most folks think of faith, they think of blind faith. Here, I’m referring to ‘faith based on experience.’ This is the faith that develops when you keep seeing the same results again and again- over the long run.  My faith is based on the notion that “whatever I’m vibrating; whatever I’m putting out is what I’m going to get more of.”  So I keep it positive knowing that my vibes are like a boomerang and they will come back to me in some form or another. I’ve experienced this time and time again in my life.

So this is my go to for ‘how to stop thinking.’ The mind really will settle down and take a back seat to enjoy the present moments when there is the deeply instilled faith that whatever is to come is for the best and it’s a perfect match for me- in which case if it’s negative- I can learn from it and if it’s positive- it’s an indicator that I’m on the right path. Since whatever is to come is a match for my vibrations- my mind doesn’t have to have so many questions like: how, what, why, what if…

How To Stop Thinking

In India there is an expression- if you ask ‘qyoo’ (hindi for ‘why’) you’ll end up in a long queue! (because one question generally begets another!)

There is a caveat to faith based experience. I may know what is to come more or less based on what I’m putting forth in the world vibrationally (especially if I’m paying attention consciously), but I can’t really know the exact form it will take when it comes.

There’s another expression that says ‘When you shake the universe’s apple tree- you get oranges!’

I think this is key in addressing the spiritual dilemma of having expectations, but not being attached to the outcome. It’s about expecting the feeling you’re going to have, but being open to the form it will take.  I expect in my future moments I’m going to have fun, feel free and connected.  Do I know exactly who I will be with, what I will be doing exactly?  Not really, but based on my experience- I know I’m in for some good times!

This past weekend I went to the regional Burning Man festival Youtopia where there is a whole lot of everything from art, music, energy healing to debauchery.  I didn’t really plan much and although I knew of some friends who were going, I just left my trip to fate because I knew through and through I was going to have a great time.  I knew I’d meet exactly who I needed to meet, I was going to experience all of the awesome things that were a perfect match for my positive vibration.  -And of course I did!

My mind wasn’t worried, I wasn’t worried!  I just packed, drove up and the magic unfolded. I met people from my soul tribe.  Chakra color enthusiasts, raw vegans, conscious artists and NLP-hypnosis practitioners.  We were drawn to each other like moths to a flame.

I’m reminding myself of this with my music career.  It’s been slow going in some respects, getting the word out on my music and videos, but based on experience- I know the speed of everything is really for my best. There is a reason it is unfolding just the way it is.  The best thing I can do is continue to take action, enjoy the journey and let my mind be still.

What do you practice to keep your mind happy and still? Share your tips and tricks with the rest of us in the comments below.

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