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Happy Humans | Les Brown Star Quote

 3 Qualities Happy Humans Can’t Do Without!

Ever feel like you’re permanently playing catch-up? I know I do!  This year has been incredibly busy for me between launching my music career and creating the Vibrational Science Blog and shop.  The whole point is to enjoy myself and be of service to my community, but of course being human I’ve found myself feeling overwhelmed with my every growing to-do list.

Ideally I’d like to be the busy bee that I am and still feel relaxed, contented and cheerful like I usually do when I’m on holiday.  Fortunately or not, yours truly does not get a holiday for some time to come!  Really though, my current busy-ness has been a blessing in disguise since I decided to do an overhaul on my attitude.

The first step of my attitude overhaul started with a meditation on my ideal future self and how I could potentially feel if I simply shifted my perspective.

In this meditation I saw myself hiking a beautiful winding path with forest on either sides.  I could see the path below from a birds eye perspective.  From up above, the path was actually a giant winding irregular circle with no entry or exit!  I noticed that every time my future self enjoyed the beauty along the path I saw a fork in the path appear heading off into a new giant amorphous circle.  With each step my future self took and truly enjoyed, the more opportunities and experiences appeared on the path.  Whenever she had the courage to turn a corner without knowing what was around the bend, the forest would reward her with a stunning view or a delicious ripe fruit for her efforts. Sometimes with curiosity she’d reach into the forest and get pricked by something, but she had a great attitude and just made a note of it in her journal and continued on…

I want to  share the three qualities that were part of this “future me”  enabling her to progress and make the most on the journey of life.

The “carefree me” was totally:

  •  Present in every moment.  Most of us have heard the greatness of being present. Authors like Eckhart Tolle and spirit guide Seth have taken ancient teachings and brought them into the mainstream with the philosophy of the “Power of Now.”  And I couldn’t agree more with Seth when he says our present is our point of power! What is the point of our lives if we aren’t able to enjoy right NOW? Not to be macabre, but it could be our last!  Right now leads to our next now!  If I’m enjoying writing this article now, I’m going to feel just as good once I’ve finished it. (Tried and tested, I’m feeling pretty satisfied!)

“Bashar” another channeled spirit guide shares some common sense wisdom when he says that living joyfully is truly the path of least resistance.  We all have tons of stuff to do. Some of it doesn’t seem quite as fun, but we are obliged to do it for ourselves, work, family, survival and so on.  So using this philosophy, it makes sense to choose the most enjoyable activity of my priorities and really be present with it. By enjoying and being grateful for where I am now, what I have now and what I’m doing now, I am taking the path of least resistance to wherever I am heading.  And when I take my next step, I’ve already got a head start on feeling pretty darn good!

The other qualities my “future self” had totally mastered were:

  • Patience and persistence.   My carefree cheerful self was taking action towards her goals consistently and easily like a free spirit pro!  It’s like she had total faith knowing that by taking consistent focused action in her life, she would continue to progress and move forward… so why stress? Poco a poco, step by step was my future self’s mantra while enjoying each step of the journey!

Sometimes the present me procrastinates either because I’m feeling lazy, something doesn’t seem very fun, or I just don’t know what the next step is. Well, like creative entrepreneur Marie Forleo says “Clarity comes through engagement.”   If I take action, I’m going to gain more insight into what I’m enjoying and what is working for me.  Often we just don’t know until we try!

The third quality my future self rocked like it was no big thang was:

  • Courage! My future self went for it!  It wasn’t bravado, there was nothing to prove, she simply took small measured consistent steps knowing that if something didn’t work out, she would just learn from it and re-adjust.

This meditation gave me the birds eye perspective on my present life.  Now I can see myself on the path of the journey of life from a much more light-hearted perspective. It’s really up to me how much I want to enjoy my life and how to make the most of it.

How do you journey through life?  Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below:)

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