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5 Key Steps for Manifesting Consistently from Seed to Bloom!

We all have had the experience of bringing into reality some inner dream or desire no matter how small or large. But is there a magic formula for manifesting our desires consistently using just the law of attraction?

The law of attraction essentially states that whatever you focus on internally you get in reality. If that’s all there was to it, we’d all be living the dream!  Manifesting consistently and consciously doesn’t have to be elusive or for just some lucky people.  It’s for all of us. Today, I’m sharing 5 key steps to manifesting that have taken me and my life to the next level.

First lets establish some ground rules. If manifesting and the law of attraction are in fact universal laws, then they will work across the board within reason.  When I say within reason I am referring to working within the co-created framework we energetic beings accept and exist in. So if someone wants to start levitating and flying to work every day as opposed to using their wheels, I would suggest reframing that desire for the time being and instead shoot for the feeling that could be attained with ‘real-izing’ something similar.  If you simply focus on something that you just don’t believe is truly possible then that doubt will inhibit you from manifesting any variation that could bring you more of the feelings your desire.  I talk about this more in Step 5.

When manifesting I like to think of myself as a gardener. Because manifesting a desire is very similar in process to planting a seed of choice and nurturing that seed into thriving creature-hood.

The first key is to recognize your desire and make a decision to act on it. This is what is commonly referred to as the seed planting stage. A great way to put the stamp of approval on this desire and decision is to visualize what it will look like when it is fully real-ized and better yet, to imagine how you will feel.

Feelings are the power source for manifestation.  The more you can experience the feeling, the more you become magnetic to that which would give you more of that same experience.  This is the heart and soul of a manifesting meditation practice and the law of attraction.

The second key is to give your desire the direct light of your focus, positive thoughts and feelings. This is what I refer to as the unshakeable faith factor.  Every time a negative thought  or feeling emerges in opposition to what you want, it’s very much like putting a bag over your seedling and blocking the nourishing sunlight it needs in order to grow.  Wasteful thoughts including worry and doubt are like weeds that don’t support your seedling, and in fact, use up resources and space that your sprouting desire needs.

So your job during this process is to hold on to the vision of what your actualized desire will look like and the feeling you will have when it is fully real-ized.  I’m not saying to put on your rose colored sunglasses and look the other way when there are adjustments to be made or when the proverbial cup is half empty. I’m saying that while being aware that there is room for improvement, maintain your focus on the ‘half full’.  This is because the law of attraction is always in effect and where attention goes, energy flows.

For me an easy way to re-adjust my focus to “half full” is to have gratitude for what is.  If I’m still not able to feel appreciative at this point, then I briefly consider just how much worse the given scenario could be! This method has saved me on many occasions from a downward spiral of wasteful and negative thinking.

Key number three is the nurturing and watering of your seedling.  This means consistent guided action in reality.  This is what folks refer to as the footwork and is often overlooked in the manifestation process. It’s great to dream, desire and imagine, but if you don’t show the universe you are serious with practical action in the direction of bringing your dreams into reality, then as author Lucia Capacchoine says in her brilliant book The Power of the Other Hand… your ideas will likely end up in the cemetery of ideas. Believe me I know!  I have countless tombstones in that sad and sorry place!

For example, I’m a musician and I love to write songs, however, if I don’t market my music, how will my desire to make a living off of my music come to be?  I need to put in the footwork.  This is akin to watering my seedling. And it is crucial that I be consistent or she will wither and die.

Earlier I made reference to guided action. Guided action saves a lot of time and effort. When you maintain a positive focused mindset your intuition will help you select the best course of action. You will be directed and guided by your feelings, synchronistic events as well as your intuition.
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Key number four is really an extension of key number two, and that is to be patient.  So don’t worry. Your seed will grow into a thriving mature plant, but don’t take a step back and start worrying. As manifesting guru and author Pam Grout says… “Set it and forget it.”   Meaning revisit and refresh your vision, feelings, and action steps, but in between don’t worry about it!  Don’t start digging up your sprout, checking the roots, and so on.

There are a lot of moving parts involved in manifesting our desires. Other people, circumstances and timing are key.  In other words, there is a whole ecosystem that is adjusting to the real-ization of our fully mature blooming desire.  Imagine your desire as a gear in the back of a watch, eventually it will come around full circle, but there are other moving gears and parts to which your desire is interlocked.

The fifth and final key is to be open to the exact form your desire takes. The expression “when you shake the Universe’s apple tree you often end up with oranges!” aptly describes why this fifth key step is so practical and important. Returning to our plant analogy, let’s say we planted a sunflower seed. We know we are going to get a beautiful majestic mature sunflower once she blooms. We also know how we are going to feel when we see her in all of her glory. Do we know exactly how many leaves, curves or petals there will be? After all everything is unique. Our desire is it’s own magical creature that we created, and in a way, it is part of a complex ecosystem. So be open and grateful to the form and way in which your desire manifests.

It behooves us to start with small things first and then slowly increase the ‘size’ of what we manifest.  If after practicing these 5 steps you are still not seeing results, then take a look at getting your subconscious onboard and seeing how your desire fits in with your life purpose and soul’s journey.  To delve further in this profound and intuitive process, check out my soul food articles.

Best wishes on your manifesting journey. This world is waiting for the powerfully focused, master creator in all of us to emerge!

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