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Enjoying Life to the Fullest

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I really want in life. Sure I want the internal and external basics like most folks- peace of mind, health, wealth and so on. But life is more than just ‘surviving’, it’s about thriving. And when I really dial into what I truly crave for myself- it’s to feel deeply fulfilled and free. Put simply- I want to enjoy myself and my life to the fullest.

I don’t want to feel trapped in any way and I want to feel like my life is filled with meaning and joy. I think these two qualities of fulfillment and freedom have a deep connection.  While one can argue having monetary wealth, physical health and power over the mind and one’s environment are crucial factors in feeling free, without a feeling of purpose and passion for doing what one loves, life feels hollow.

Enjoying Life to the Fullest

I believe it’s how we human beings operate. To truly feel fulfilled, we have to love what we are doing in life and feel that it is bringing benefit to ourselves and those around us in some way.  Passion leads to purpose and living a purpose-filled life leads to feeling fulfilled.

So how do we attain the feeling of being fulfilled now rather than later?


By using the Law of Attraction we can first bring the feeling of fulfillment through meditation into our present thereby making ourselves more vibrationally attractive to the people, scenarios and things that will facilitate our fulfillment.

Here’s a quick link to one of my favorite books on the Law of Attraction if you want to go into the depths of how it works and how to take your inner and outer world to the next level.

What is the next step in living a fulfilling life and enjoying life to the fullest? What practical action can we take?


Bashar, a guide channeled through Darryl Anka, states it eloquently when he says that by following your joy you take the path of least resistance through life. It may not be the most direct route to your destination, goals or purpose- but it is the path of least resistance because you are going to enjoy the journey and have the energy to keep going.

I really love this concept and it makes complete sense to me. In order to live life to the fullest you have to put forth energy and physical efforts.  These required energies and efforts are harnessed most easily by doing what we love to do because in that space there exists our innate enthusiasm. And enthusiasm = motivation.

Even if something doesn’t seem lucrative on the surface, if you love to do it… the love and passion is like a renewable energy source that moves you forward.  Whereas even something that is lucrative will feel dry and lacking if you don’t genuinely enjoy it. It will feel like the proverbial ball and chain. That being said if you are earning in some way in order to do what you truly love… again your passion and love is the motivating factor here.

I know you might be thinking about your responsibilities, priorities and all of the things you are obliged to do… like paying bills. I don’t know anyone who loves to pay bills!  That beings said… prioritize! Of all the things you may have to do in the day, do what you feel like first. Choose that which seems the most fun, stimulating, interesting.  It all has to and will be taken care of anyway, so whenever and wherever possible- follow your joy!

Now I feel obliged to put in a disclaimer.  Following your joy in this context  assumes that what you have a passion for is beneficial for you and those around you. So if partying your brains out every night is joyful for you, in terms of finding fulfillment, this wouldn’t really count because in the long run, excessive partying is depleting for the mind, body and spirit.

Lastly, what if you are in a limbo of sorts and you just can’t figure out what you really love to do? I know I’ve been there. My suggestion is to choose the next closest thing. Something you find restful, relaxing, easy or just fun.  Maybe you don’t love writing, but occasionally like to write.  Do that then! One of my favorite authors Erin Morgenstern of the Night Circus is a binge writer. She writes when she feels like it.

Living a life of passion is the difference between living a life of depth, enthusiasm and satisfaction or living a life that may be superficially pleasant but at the end will have felt lacking and even wasted.

Enjoying life and doing what you genuinely love is to live a life without regrets. So if you aren’t already, get out there and get involved with what you genuinely love to do!

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