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Why I Believe In Magic Again.

When I was a kid I believed in magic.

I remember as a child  I would try to turn the lights on in my room using the sheer force of my will and then feel perplexed as to why I wasn’t able to accomplish such a simple task with the power of my mind.

Was I just a kid with my head in the clouds? Had I seen Star Wars one too many times?  For years afterward I certainly thought so, but I never did shake the feeling that if I just knew how, I could manifest whatever I wished.

It was only after thoughtful consideration, study and experimentation that I began to see a pattern of how and when I was able to manifest certain things into my physical life using the power of my thoughts, feelings and guided action. Later on of course, I learned that this ability is something that belongs to all of us and is based on the universal law of attraction.

The general rule for using the law of attraction is that I have to feel as though what I want to happen has already happened. Consciously and subconsciously, all of me- or at least the majority of myself and my vibrations have to be on board so to speak. But if you have experimented with manifestation then you know as well as I that feeling as though something is real when it simply isn’t can be a tricky business!

There are a lot of places in the landscape of our minds where we can sabotage our intentions whether it be through our conscious thinking or subconscious vibrations. If my goal is to manifest an increase in income, but throughout the day I feel stressed every time I see a bill or have to spend or invest in something, I am actually prohibiting myself from manifesting and even noticing the opportunities that could lead to that increase! It doesn’t matter how many times I affirm “I am wealthy and abundant”, if internally I just don’t believe it!

That’s why affirmations often don’t work for people, at least not at the speed desired.Because a lot of affirmations we use don’t resonate with our whole beings. They sound and feel like lies.

The absolutely easiest method I have found for bypassing any feelings of disbelief or unintentional self sabotage when it comes to manifesting is to use the power of gratitude.

Believe In Magic

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I just finished a fantastic book by Rhonda Byrne, author of the Secret. In her third book “The Magic,” she goes into the depth of how to use gratitude to manifest. Not only is this method easy and quick, but it’s fun and brings rapid results.

The essence of the book is based on the Law of Attraction. Whatever I focus on in my inner world will turn up in my outer world. As Byrne explains,  if I take something for granted, then that something and the experiences it brings will be taken from me. If I give thanks for something and feel it sincerely, then I will be given more of that thing and the experiences and feelings it brought to me.

Let’s go back to our increasing income example. If we want to increase our income we can use gratitude for the money we have received, are receiving and will receive.

Gratitude for past experiences-
I can be thankful for all of the income no matter how small or seemingly irrelevant that I have received over the course of my life. When I was a child nearly everything was provided for me. All monetary expenses were covered from food, to school, to electricity, to dentist visits.  Just by spending a few moments every week to be grateful for the money, services and gifts I have received over the years will definitely work wonders for my income manifestation. I can say thank you for many of those moments which I had previously taken for granted and didn’t think to stop and feel grateful.

What will this do for me? Well it opens up my awareness to the abundance I have received, am receiving and will receive. And let’s face it, our emotional minds are like that of children, when we receive something and think about it- it makes us happy!  So if we are sincere about this practice, the first nearly instantaneous result will be that we feel happier and more fortunate.  It is widely known that people who are considered lucky, generally feel like they are lucky. It starts on the inside. We have to feel in the present moment what we want more of in the future.

Gratitude for the present-
I can be thankful for how I receive electricity and water before I even pay my bill!  I can be grateful for all of the services that I receive on a daily basis which could be converted into monetary currency.  My mail is delivered, the streets are cleaned, my housemates take care of the house I live in and a gardener comes to take care of our property as part of our lease agreement.  When I have to pay a bill, even if I don’t have the money at the moment, I can be grateful for the services I have received in advance. Receiving services before I have even paid for them is a real gift!

Gratitude for the future-
A future gratitude practice is where we can take our manifesting to the next level.  I say this because we can circumvent any disbelief regarding our desire simply by saying thank you now.  So I can say thank you for the income I am going to receive before I have received it.  I can imagine having received it and feeling so ecstatic, joyful and thankful for whatever it is I desire as though it is already here. I can imagine telling my best friend the great news I have received and any other activities I might partake in after having manifested my desire.

This has actually been a practice many cultures have used for thousands of years. As Byrne eloquently points out, Native Americans would do ceremonies in celebration and thanks for the rain to come, Egyptians would give thanks to the flooding of the Nile to ensure continual flow and African tribes would give thanks before the hunt.

By feeling grateful for a future desire, I have essentially side stepped any contradictory feelings I may have about believing whether my desire is possible. By feeling grateful for the past and present in relation to my desire I have increased the fuel of my feelings which is the rocket fuel for manifesting a thought and desire in our physical universe.

If you truly believe your desire is going to manifest, you will have 100% faith while being pro-active in bringing it into reality. By saying thanks in advance you are speeding up the timeline!  If however you are struggling with believing your desire is possible, then by practicing gratitude for that which is yet to come will make it much more real for you and that is the first crucial step when it comes to making your dreams a reality.

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