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The Soul Empowerment Series

In the Soul Empowerment Series I explore varying perspectives and attitudes we can integrate into our mind, body and lives to further empower ourselves.  The sky is the limit! Click here to go directly to the Vibrational Science Podcast on iTunes.

5 Steps For Manifesting Consistently From Seed To Bloom!

The essential steps to manifesting your desires and bringing them into your physical reality.

3 Qualities Happy Humans Can’t Do Without!

Based on a meditation, I share with you a few key qualities that go hand in hand with being joyful.

Reframing Reality & Why I’m Proud to Be a Glass Half Full Kinda Gal!

Why it serves us to be optimistic.

How To Stop Thinking With Faith Based Experience

Faith is a loaded term with all sorts of connotations, but here we discuss how experience leads to confidence, faith and peace of mind.

Enjoying Life To The Fullest

Discussing why it serves us to do what we love and prefer, in other words follow our passion.

Transforming Limiting Beliefs

The method for transforming old patterns of thought using journaling and visualization.

Believe in Magic & Manifest Miracles With The Power of Gratitude.

How having an open mind and an optimistic attitude along with feelings of appreciation makes life magical.


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