Services & Offerings

I offer a few of the most potent healing practices and modalities that I know of. All of these have been tried and tested on myself and numerous satisfied clients. I also offer custom paintings and murals in addition to original works I offer in my shop. 

Healing & Coaching

I am a Tantric coach and offer non-sexual coaching and healing in a one-on-one setting. In addition, I offer the Emotion Code which has a similar outcome to tapping (EFT), but in my experience is unmatched in efficacy and efficiency. The emotion code has been a life-saver for me. To find out more about it- check out my blog and podcast on it.  I also offer a DNA activation with the use of tuning forks and vocal sound vibrations. Click here to learn more and schedule.

Kiravell’s Shop

Here I have links to original art prints, music and t-shirts. Check it out!

Medicinal Murals

Coming soon…stay tuned!