Spiritual Jazz & Music Therapy

Is my music actually a form of music therapy? Well I’ve certainly experienced it’s positive effect on my life and those around me; and I create it with the special intention of being sonically engaging and energetically up-lifting.  People from around the world have written me and shared how the music gives them a sense of peace. For me personally, I began painting regularly and my spiritual understanding of some concepts I’d been studying for ages finally began to make sense to me. And this may be a coincidence, but I think not- my music engineer for the album “Vaudevellia!” went from a fast food diet to being vegan within a couple months of editing the record!

Meniyka KiravellCheck out some of my tunes yourself below using the streaming player. Throughout this page, you can find original music videos, singles and my double disk release Vaudevellia!  My music is currently out in stores on iTunes Music, Amazon, Spotify & Bandcamp. Physical CD’s are available for purchase on Amazon and in the Shop. More listening links are at the bottom of this page:)

Take a listen to my latest home-crafted single: Future Us

Check out my EDM House single Dreamsleuth at the beginning of this podcast

One of my favorite original music videos from the album Vaudevellia!

Big thanks to my film partner Marcus Macfarlane for helping me bring my visions of the music to life!

Vaudevellia! received some really amazing press after its release.  I especially appreciate the insightful review from the folks at Speak Into My Good Eye for highlighting Vibrational Sciences and touching on the healing power of music in their review.

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->An awesome album review for Vaudevellia! @ New Sick Music
->Sweet and on point album Review from Guardian Liberty Voice
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->Vibrational Sciences and Vaudevellia on Speak Into My Good Eye

Word On The Street Is…

Meniyka Kiravell“Vaudevellia! is a well-crafted musical experience that is both humble and extraordinary.”  ~Morena Duwe, Huffington Post

“Style-wise, she may seem unconventional and a little odd, but like Santigold or Regina Spektor before her, this kooky take on jazz, indie rock and rap will earn Kiravell a spot among the very few truly original female musical artists of this decade.” ~Layla Klamt, Guardian Liberty Voice

“Don’t watch art, become it, as Kiravell’s creative offerings argue she has.” ~ Tone Swep, Dope Magazine

“San Diego’s own Kiravell brings something new to the table with her jazzy, soulful, and mellow music. Her latest single, “Yello Hazy,” is just that – hazy and calming. The spiritual single shows off the singer’s unique vocals. Perfect for a coffeehouse, a festival, or just hanging at home…” ~Kaitlin, Mechanical Dummy

“Her lyrics are deeply meaningful and the rhythm in which that she portrays them is amazing.” ~Collin Logatto, Sonic Eclectic

“Positively radiant as it is enigmatic, “Charge” is best played with an open mind and high vibration.” ~Tia Scott, The Occurence LA

“Kiravell is the name you should be discussing over coffee tomorrow morning, right after you listen to her jazzy fusion of deliciousness, Vaudevellia!…” ~Ny Magee, Jaded Culture

Below you will also find my latest tunes and music videos including the romantic fall 2015 instrumental piano single Respirar.  The music video for Cirque des Vies recently screened at the San Diego Film Festival. Big thanks to my brilliant film partner Marcus Macfarlane for helping me translate my music video visions into reality!

More original Music Videos

More Original Music

Listen to Vaudevellia!

Listen to the Vaudevellia Instrumentals!

Listen to the Fall 2015 Piano Jazz Instrumentals

Music Credits

Meniyka Kiravell Vaudevellia!Voice, Piano, Keys, Strings- Meniyka Kiravell
Drums- Julien Cantelm
Cello, Bass, Mandolin, Guitar- Ignacio Hernandez
Hand Percussion- Ignacio Hernandez
Violin- Jamie Shadowlight
Music and lyrics written by Meniyka Kiravell

Recorded in San Diego,California
Engineered by Ignacio Hernandez
Mixed by Patrick Norton
Produced by Meniyka Kiravell
Art and Design by Meniyka Kiravell
Original Music Videos by Marcus Macfarlane & Meniyka Kiravell