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St Germain I AM Discourses

It’s funny how I came about reading the 33 ‘I AM discourses.’  First I read a review on medical intuitive Belinda Davidson’s blog about Dr. Wayne Dyer’s new book “Wishes Fulfilled.” Her review was excellent so I decided to give the good Dr.’s new book a go. For some reason it just didn’t captivate me like I thought it would and I kept wondering to myself why I was sticking with it.  Within a short time, I came to know why. Wayne Dyer was to introduce me to the celestial St Germain I AM discourses.

The minute I got through Wayne Dyer’s chapter on the extraordinary way he came across the I AM discourses, I downloaded the e-versions right away and dove in.

I had found what my inner voice was telling me to wait for.  I admit, a couple years ago I wouldn’t have been able to digest the  I AM Discoursesalso known as the channeled versions of Ascended Master St. Germain.  What exactly makes Saint Germain an ascended master as opposed to other channeled guides like Seth? Beats me. All I know is that the content is super legit… although a little ‘Christ-y” if you catch my drift.

If you’ve been following the Vibrational Science Blog & Podcast you’ll have heard me make reference to the true meaning of the sacred sound “OM” and how it actually means “I AM.” In these discourses, St. Germain goes into the power and depth of how to use the phrase ‘I AM’ along with ‘I AM consciousness’ to literally transform your energy on a quantum level- from your body to your surroundings to your relationships with everything in your inner and outer worlds.

+ The Meaning of Om & the Power of I AM Consciousness

St Germaine I am discourses

He describes why some of us have more powerful manifestation powers than others. He speaks of electronic belts of energy that emerge from our chakras.  His manner of speaking is so cosmic, celestial and far out, I feel obligated to give you a heads up to look beyond the psychedelic phrasing and into the meaning of what he is saying.  I’ll even go so far as to say that you may get more out of this book if you first meditate in natural surroundings, deck yourself out with high vibration 7th chakra crystals then sit down and get ready to absorb some truly cosmic material.

These 33 discourses that make up the book were apparently channeled back in 1933.  So to say that a lot of the language in the book is old school would be an understatement. Combine that with the poetic nature of most guides’ language in any era, you’re looking at some really interesting material.  (Interesting here being a euphemism for awesome!)

Here are just a few excerpts from the awe-some I AM discourses covering the speed of manifestation, the astral realms as well as some common sense advice.  St. Germain’s statements regarding the astral realm are particularly interesting to me, because in new-age circles there is a lot of fascination with the so-called “astral realms.”  However, yogi masters and guru’s in India have the same opinion as St. Germain on wandering about the astral regions-

“In the first place, what makes the astral world? There is only one place where the undesirable creation can find a home, and that is the next step to the human activity, which is the astral realm. This realm of astral activity has within it all undesirable creation accumulated through the centuries. Therefore, it is easy to see at once that no good comes from any contact with the astral realm.”

“When you are conscious of the “I AM,” you don’t care what anyone in this world does. You must not be concerned about anything but your world. Pay no attention to what anyone says. Just say specifically what you want to produce.”

“The consciousness of an individual clothes the form with that individual’s own concepts of it. When these are drawn about an individual who has generated a certain energy, they impose upon him nothing but the things in his own world.”

“It seems so strange that students seem to have such difficulty in fixing the anchorage and recognition of the Limitless Power they are wielding when they say “I AM.” Do not become impatient because things do not work out as rapidly as you would like them to. They can only work according to the speed of your acceptance and the intensity of your feeling.”

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