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Quantum Success: A Guide To Developing A Magnetic Personality & Attracting The Best In Life

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to start one of the most awesome books I have ever laid eyes on- Quantum Success by author, counselor and motivational speaker Sandra Anne Taylor. Taylor explores several keys in eye opening detail explaining the importance of transforming your energy and aura in order to create the life of your dreams.  It’s essentially an awesome handbook for becoming the best you: someone with a cheerful, peaceful and loving disposition with a magnetic personality who automatically attracts the best life has to offer.

While most of this is fairly familiar to lovers of manifestation secrets, vibrational scientists and new age positive thinkers like myself, I found that the way in which Taylor describes the importance of each key- really makes a lasting impression.

I’m only about half way through and here are just a few of the gems I have gleaned thus far. Your reality is the summation of your beliefs, feelings, thoughts, intentions and actions. This coincides with my experience where approximately 75% of progress in life begins internally. The reason so many people struggle with manifesting their desires and versions of success is because there is some discrepancy or conflict between these 5 keys at any given time.

Taylor makes an awesome analogy to the Universe being at your service akin to a waiter being at your service at a giant restaurant. Let’s say you are at a restaurant and the waiter is about to take your order. But you end up weirding the waiter out by changing your mind over and over again. You doubt the waiter’s ability to bring you your food, you doubt if the restaurant has what you want, you expect the worst service and so on and so forth. Ultimately, the waiter will take longer to give you what you want and will probably become quite frustrated with you in the process. Of course, the Universe is a neutral server and hardly gets frustrated with us. But similar to the waiter, the Universe will ultimately dish up whatever we order and with whichever ingredients we request.

The five qualities of belief, feelings, intentions, thoughts and actions are akin to the ingredients I’m asking the universe to infuse into my dish a.k.a. my creation. If I think positively about my career with affirmations and so on, but emotionally I really feel drained and unenthusiastic- then there is a conflict here. Most likely I need to keep up with the positive thinking and get a little more creative in transforming my feelings because as Taylor points out- feelings follow our train of thought.

Alternatively, let’s say I have rather positive thoughts and feelings about something, but my intentions surrounding that are fear based. Perhaps I love what I am doing, but my biggest motivation for working where I am is a fear of being broke. Then those “fear-based intention vibes” are going to flavor whatever dish I manifest. My reality will likely be that I love my job, I feel good when I’m there, but I can barely cover my expenses and I’m living paycheck to paycheck.

Developing a Magnetic Personality Quote by Sandra Anne Taylor

Another wonderful distinction that Taylor made for me was how wishful thinking is completely different from our expectations. What we expect regarding anything can be used as an indicator of what we truly believe about it. Belief is one the principal and most powerful ingredients that goes into whatever we order from the universe. So essentially it behooves us to align our expectations and our wishes. For example, if we are wishing for millions of dollars with our thoughts and feelings and even experiencing the joy of that in our manifestation meditations, but really we expect to be broke based on limiting beliefs, then the minute we step out of that meditation- we are back to the same old train of thoughts and feelings. And not surprisingly, we will not be able to manifest what we desire quickly nor easily.

Taylor also highlights how and why the practices of being grateful and present are really necessary for manifesting success and how feeling needy or desperate are the quickest ways to quash the fire of our manifestations. This really struck home for me because the feeling of desperation can often be quite subtle and we may not even realize that our desires may be laced with it.

Taylor aptly describes the vibe and energetic feeling of desperation as a real turn off. Let’s say there is someone in your life you would like to spend more time with. What’s the quickest way for them to slip through your fingers or for you to push them away? It’s usually to become controlling, needy and desperate.

So the best way to speed up your manifestations is to do the exact opposite! Let go and be grateful for what you have right now. Love yourself right now. This changes our energy and makes us magnetic to more of the same! Instead of having a repelling energy, our energy becomes magnetic and attractive. This is a powerful step in developing a magnetic personality and attracting success.

I hope this review gives you a taste of the fantastic book Quantum Success and inspires you to get your own copy.

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