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Books That Will Change Your Life

When I first began practicing manifestation techniques, I practiced with wishing into reality what I physically desired- such as the creation of songs that rocked my world or the ideal house or a new relationship.  After experiencing success with some of these more tangible creations, I began to experiment with more abstract concepts and experiences. One of my favorite experiments was with bringing ‘newness’ and freshness into my life.  At the time, I  deeply desired to have ‘my mind blown’ on a daily basis.  In other words, I really wanted to be exposed to experiences and ideas that would figuratively blow me away with amazement and add some spice to my inner world!

Within a couple weeks of practicing my new ‘everyday my mind is blown’ affirmation, I began a series of books that had been recommended to me several months prior.  Referred to as the ‘Seth Books’,  the books are categorized as ‘new age’ literature because although they were physically dictated by metaphysical poet and author Jane Roberts, according to Jane Roberts they are actually the creations of an entity (or as he refers to himself: ‘a multi-dimensional personality’) named Seth.

Books that will change your life

Jane Roberts claimed she was channeling this ‘being’ Seth and that Seth was literally speaking and dictating the books through her vessel.  Whether Seth is a part of Jane Roberts subconscious or something or someone from beyond, we may never know.  What I do know, is that the Seth Books blew my mind wide open on a daily basis for that whole summer!

In this Knowledge is Power Series, I plan on sharing some of my favorite books that will change your life- most of which contain some channeled material.  Again whether the material is truly channeled or something from deep within the author’s mind is outside the scope of this blog.  What is pertinent is that the knowledge, ideas, and concepts presented in the material are so spiritually deep and sound- they have the power of taking all of our lives to the next level.

If even 10% of the Seth Material resonates with you then I know you’re going to have that same wonderful feeling I have when my soul is stirred and my mind amazed.

My favorite Seth Book thus far (there are over a dozen) is book #2 called “The Nature of Personal Reality.”  Not far behind is book #1 simply called “Seth Speaks”. I do recommend reading the Seth books in order- especially in the beginning.

Here is just one of literally thousands of poetic insights shared by Seth. This is taken from Book #2.

“Your conscious thoughts can be great clues in uncovering such obstructions (he is referring to obstacles in one’s life). You are not nearly as familiar with your own thoughts as you may imagine. They can escape from you like water through your fingers, carrying with them vital nutrients that spread across the landscape of your psyche- and all too often carrying sludge and mud that clog up the channels of experience and creativity.”

Seth proceeds to give suggestions and instructions to the reader for taking control of their life, experience and happiness using their conscious thoughts and awareness.  He also goes into depth on the power of mass consciousness, the inner workings of our psyche, how manifestation takes place, special energetic hot spots throughout our world, perspectives on time and space, how psychic activity and predictions work and so much more!

In the following excerpt, Seth explains (in classic Seth style) how our thoughts and feelings manifest in our reality-

“Some feelings and thoughts are translated into structures you call objects; these exist in your terms, in a medium you call space. Others are translated into psychological structures called events, that seem to exist in a medium you call time.’

I could quote Seth for ages, but I’ll leave you to discover the magic tucked away in the Seth Books.  Just in case you’re curiosity hasn’t gotten the better of you- I will say, most folks who are lucky enough to read the Seth material sooner rather than later genuinely wish they hadn’t waited so long before giving them a go…  hopefully that wets your appetite;p

Have your read or heard of the Seth books?  What kind of material blows your mind?

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