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The Knowledge is Power Series

In this series we review a range of life changing revolutionary resources, processes and books. The latest episode discusses an Abraham Hicks method outlining what it means to use our emotional guidance system and be a deliberate creator.

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How to Feel Better using our Emotional Guidance System as outlined by Abraham Hicks

Our present emotions indicate what kind experiences we can expect to rendez-vous with in life. Find out how this works and why it’s to our benefit to pay attention to the way we feel.

Books That Will Change Your Life: Introducing Seth

The Seth Books kicked off the new age movement in the 70’s and for good reason. These books rocked my world and I’m sure they will do the same for you!

The St Germain I AM Discourses

Old school channeled material from back in the day. Super cosmic and very deep. I distilled the essence of the I AM discourses to the central message.

Developing a Magnetic Personality based on the book Quantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor

Another gem of the self help genre. I share with you the key steps Taylor outlines for creating the life of your dreams.


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