Healing Services

I offer a few of the most potent healing services and modalities that I know of. All of these have been tried and tested on myself and numerous satisfied clients. My rate is $50/30 minutes. Please contact me at meniyka@gmail.com for inquiries and for reduced rate package deals.

Tantric Coaching & Training

My trainings are for individuals looking to enhance their own understanding & application of Tantra as well as for those who would like to pursue a daily Tantric practice. What I offer is a non–sexual modality. This hands-on training and coaching will cover Tantric philosophy, technique and practices. Expect greater clarity, a sense of well being and an improvement in your emotional, mental and physical health.

Sessions run approximately 1.5 hours and are conducted in person. I have an office space, but I am happy to come to you if we are within a reasonable distance from one another. Please contact me at meniyka@gmail.com to schedule.

Emotion Code

If you’ve checked out my blog or podcast, you already know I am a huge proponent of the Emotion Code. This technique is for releasing trapped emotions. There are numerous ways to remove these pesky vibrations from our field, but as far as I know, the Emotion Code is one of the fastest, easiest and most powerful ways to spring clean your physical body and aura. In my experience, 60% of clients have noticeable results within minutes of the clearing, 30% notice the difference in the upcoming weeks and 10% don’t feel anything specific per say, but I know that they are walking around with less emotional baggage and potential triggers. Negative emotions that we haven’t processed and released, can get stuck in our fields- weighing us down, making us much more vulnerable to triggers in our lives and environment. When our subconscious or higher self authorizes a release of trapped emotions, it is because these vibrations are no longer serving us. We have already learned what we have needed to learn from carrying them around and so at this point we will feel inspired to find some modality or activity that will release them from our system. The Emotion Code is my preferred modality. Check out my blog and podcast for more. 

Sessions including the consultation run approximately 30 minutes and may be conducted remotely. Please contact me at meniyka@gmail.com to schedule.

DNA Activation

Using sound as the vibrational method of delivery, I offer one-time DNA Activations which increase vitality and clarity, reduce food allergies and physical pain . The changes take 9 months to manifest. I will be using the 528 Hz Mi Tuning Fork along with a multitude of sacred vocalizations. This is next level game changing quantum healing that can be conducted remotely as well. The combination of intention with the sound vibrations seals the fragmentary body allowing energy to flow throughout our fields, chakras and systems uninhibited.

Sessions including the consultation run approximately 45 minutes and may be conducted remotely. Please contact me at meniyka@gmail.com to schedule.