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The Space Between Our Thoughts

Welcome back for another guided meditation. Today’s flow is about appreciating the space in between our thoughts. With meditation, as our mind becomes more absorbed and focused in a stream of thoughts, the space between those thoughts grows.

Why do we want that? Because that space between is filled with delicious silent experience- and that experience is characterized by whatever we have been focusing on. In other words, we feel what we think about it- and so it follows, we can choose how we feel!

This is the essence of Raja Yoga meditation: think positive lovely thoughts and you will begin to feel positive and lovely.

The Space Between Our Thoughts

The derivation of Raja Yoga I practice is an open eyed meditation. While keeping your eyes open is not a requirement, it is encouraged in order to facilitate the habit of consciously directing one’s thoughts while in action.

There are no physical postures either. In Raja Yoga, the goal is to be in a comfortable position that will allow you to focus inwards without being distracted by your body or your environment. Once you become accustomed to meditating and focusing at will, then you will automatically begin to tune out the external world at will regardless of what may be going on.

Lastly, it is customary to end a guided meditation with the phrase ‘Om Shanti.’ This means ‘I am peace.’  Hopefully by the end of the commentary this phrase will ring true for you.

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All the best to you on your meditation journey,

Om Shanti.

I’m going to allow my body to relax and I’m going to spend the next few minutes with myself; letting go, just temporarily of any external concerns or thoughts. I’m going to do my best to focus on me. Who I am and what I want in this life and the power that I have to create the feelings for the life that I would like and (the feelings) that are best for me.

For the purposes of this meditation, if I need to, I’m going to visualize myself as a little star. Sitting in the center of my forehead, behind the eyes. I can imagine myself as a center of consciousness. The center of myself. Just as a little pinpoint of energy.

When I am in this form, when I see myself in this way, I notice a lightness that is within my reach. Because in this form I don’t have to identify with the body or with any labels or anything else. There is so much simplicity when I see myself as just a point of consciousness- a being of energy, conscious energy. It’s just me, my thoughts and the way I feel.

This is the simple life. And no matter what my external situations are like, I can always come back to this. A place where I can have all the quiet in the world. That quiet is in-between my thoughts. It’s not an empty quiet, rather it’s a silence filled with peace.

It’s true in the beginning, even right now, other thoughts could be floating into this space, but that’s okay. I’m going to let them pass and do my best to focus on the moments of peaceful silence in-between my thoughts.

This silence takes on the quality of each preceding thought and each thought to come. If I want to feel the joy that comes with gratitude, I can simply create a thought of gratitude. And that space in between is then filled with a subtle joy. And then because the nature of the universe is based on the law of attraction, my next thought is also infused with a little bit of that joy. And it makes creating that next thought of gratitude even easier.

I’m grateful I’m learning how to, once again, use my thoughts to my advantage. Thoughts are my tools. They are a power that belong to me and I can create any feeling I wish by just turning inwards. I am so grateful to remember that once again I have the power to feel however I wish. I have the power to create the reality I wish to see, the reality in which I choose to live in.

And as I become more joyful and as this beautiful quiet and these beautiful peaceful spaces in my mind grow, it changes my vibration and I begin to attract- more of that which will bring more of these experiences to me. And I love experimenting with this. It’s so easy.

Om shanti.