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A Guided Meditation to Access the Cosmic Stream of Well Being

Welcome back for another guided meditation here at Vibrational Sciences.  This week our meditation is all about allowing the stream of well being and positive energy to flow through us by giving ourselves some breathing room.

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated or boring.  Meditation is about contemplating a topic. If it’s a positive topic we are considering, then thinking about it will make us feel good. In order to contemplate anything and give our attention to it, first we have to let go of our other trains of thought and make space in our minds by gently re-directing our focus.

For the next 5-10 minutes, we are going to delve into our inner world by actually taking our hands off the steering wheel!  There is no need to control or force anything. Give yourself permission to just kick back for a few minutes and you may be surprised by the outcome.

After a mellow meditation like this, inspiration and all sorts of ideas and solutions have space to take root in our minds because to the best of our ability, we are putting our biases, beliefs and opinions on pause.  I encourage you to leave your expectations at the door as well and just go with the flow.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

As usual, I begin and end each meditation with the phrase Om Shanti, which means I am a peaceful soul in Hindi. You can listen to the audio stream (recommended) or check out the meditation transcript below.

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Stream of Well Being

Om Shanti

For the next few minutes, I’m going to put aside any concerns or things I have to do and allow the well-being and the being that is me experienced.

It feels good to know that when I give myself the space, this time to just be me… that the energy that makes up and surrounds everything in this reality is allowed to flow through me in a way that’s very healing for me. Because the truth is that my body knows what to do! My body has infinite intelligence. Scientists don’t fully know how the body really works. So I’m going to let my body and everything do what it needs to do- by just not getting involved, by not thinking about it, by not meddling. Wellness flows through me and  all I have to do is kick back and let it do it’s thing.

It’s in this space that I’m receptive to inspiration. It’s in this space that I’m not intervening with anything that my body needs to do. It’s in the space that… the wellness can flow. When I take a timeout, when I take a step back like this and just be… Just breathing in and out and experiencing the natural quietness that exists within my mind- then I know that all is well. Well-being is my natural state. I am an extension of all that is and I can create any reality I want by directing my thoughts.

It feels nice to me, to be here where it’s quiet. It feels nice not to be caught up in everything else outside. It’s really simple in here and I like that. I have only one agenda here and that’s  just to be. To relax, to kickback, to enjoy, to select the thoughts that float in front of my mind and choose the ones that resonate- the ones that feel good. If they are useless or boring, I just let them pass. I feel inspired to think thoughts that feel good to me in here. 

Inspiration is a beautiful thing because there is a natural energy in inspiration. I don’t have to try with inspiration. Even with motivation I have to try, there is effort with that- and I love knowing that.  When I give myself a chance to be and not just do- then that inspiration comes and I love that! It’s free energy- it’s great.

There’s a whole world… inside, here in my mind. From here is the launching pad. Once my mind is clear in this space- this is the launching pad! I can think, I can imagine, I can feel, I can make plans, I have access to all the inspiration where anything is possible. But in order to have access to that, I have to give myself room to breathe, I have to give myself a break. Time to just be.

I like knowing that it’s up to me. And I’m eager to experience the inspirations and the epiphanies that come in this space. I equally just enjoy the mental time out and the break from doing. I like knowing so much that well-being is my natural state and that I can access it  almost anytime I want.  It’s with this optimistic state of mind with which I’m going to interact with outside world.  All is well, all is well for me.

Om Shanti.

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