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Guided Meditation: Taking Time To Smell The Roses

Why do we meditate? Most of us choose to meditate because it feels pretty good. It’s nice to just take a mental time out and be. It turns out that meditation does more than allow us to feel good however. It allows our corks to float and the stream of well being to flow through us.

The cork analogy for meditation is a fantastic one I picked up from Abraham Hicks.  Abraham describes how there is a stream of well being that is our natural state to be a part of, yet how often times we end up distancing ourselves from that stream by pinching ourselves off because of resistant thinking.

+In case you aren’t up to speed with Abraham Hicks’ teachings or need a refresher, check out this Vibrational Science Podcast which provides an overview of the foundational concepts. Or if you are looking for a new book, consider Abraham Hicks’ best seller ‘Ask & It Is Given.  I can’t recommend it enough!

Smell The Roses Abraham Hicks Book Link

When we are in a state of resistance- which is essentially a state of mind that doesn’t feel very good, we are holding our cork under water.  Because a cork’s nature is to bob up to the surface and float, when we take a break from concerns, worry and negative or unproductive states of mind, we let go of resistance thus allowing our cork to float. In this state, well being, healing and positive manifestations that we want can begin to take place.

There are myriad types of meditation. My personal experience is with a Zen Buddhist form of meditation where you observe your thoughts and do your best to let them pass in a state of detachment while focusing on your breath. Raja Yoga Meditation is another type of meditation that I’ve practiced for going on 20 years. This form is very much about pro-active positive thinking that takes you into a heightened vibrational state where silent experience eventually replaces the stream of thoughts.

Today’s meditation is a combination- where we are going to breathe and do our best to let go of and release any external influences, concerns or worries and insert positive thoughts.  We are going to just go for it and enjoy the quiet and silence.

This is the state where it’s less about building momentum. For example with a visualization meditation we can really get our passionate juices flowing and bring about some powerful manifestations. Instead, in today’s meditation we are going to allow our cork to float by breathing, relaxing and incorporating some light positive contemplation. In this way, we allow the stream of well being to flow through us and in a sense carry us downriver.

Smell The Roses

So put down the oars of effort, we are going to idly travel with the natural energetic current of wellbeing!  You may keep your eyes open or closed and sit in any position that is most comfortable for you. I will begin and end the meditation with the phrase Om Shanti which is used in Raja Yoga and means ‘I am a peaceful soul.’

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~Meditation Transcript For ‘Smell The Roses’~

Om Shanti.

Sitting quietly…for these next few minutes, I’m going to just be me.

I’m going to let go of any external concerns, identities, or things I have to do.

There’s always going to be more to do. There’s always going to be more to think and there will always be things if I wanted to be- to be concerned about.

But I don’t have to be… it’s a choice.

I’m going to give myself this gift. This gift of letting go. This gift of allowing the well being to flow through me. This gift of quiet and lightness.

When I just chill out, which is all this is… I’m just chilling out. I’m just letting whatever needs to be- be. Whatever anyone else has to do- do. This is my time-out. This is my time to chill out.

And in this space I can feel this sweet calm that is within my reach. It’s in this space that I can hear the birds chirping. I can appreciate those little things… those seemingly little things that I often take for granted that just blend into the background.

What’s so beautiful about this is that the more I return to this space… this chill out space- the more I seem to appreciate and notice all those things… and they really brighten my day.

When I was a busy bee, I had a hard time appreciating nature. But now… now I can appreciate it. It’s like I’m just getting a taste, a glimpse- of all there is… all around me…all the time. The air I breathe, the little creatures and critters flying and floating around in my environment. Even if I’m in an urban landscape, there are always beautiful birds and flowers.

Now I understand what they mean by: take time to smell the roses.

The more I return to this quiet space in my mind where I set concerns and things to do and my opinions about stuff, I just let it all go for these few minutes.

And then I’m drawn to the roses.

When I feel good I’m drawn to that which makes me feel good. Cause everything is energy. Like attracts like… and I like this train of thought right now. It’s really logical that the more time I spend here just relaxing and enjoying the sweet epiphanies showing up in my stream of consciousness…the more kind of like experiences I keep drawing to me. It’s truly fantastic.

I love this space, I feel so good here. And what I would really like to do to extend this gift to myself is do something I really enjoy. Something that’s on the same vibration as this. Perhaps I’ll listen to this meditation again, perhaps I’ll try it on my own, perhaps I’ll go for a walk and just smell the roses and listen to the birds.

Because the truth is there is more to life than just going and doing. We are human beings after all. I’m a human being. « Being » being the operative word!

Well it’s pretty incredible that it’s up to me. If I want to be in this state of mind, I could do that- that’s  my choice.  I don’t have to be concerned about things, I could just have the faith that things are going to work out. Because honestly when I look back over my life I’m still here. If I couldn’t heal something on my own, if I didn’t see the solution, I have found that time tempers things. Things generally seem to work out. If one thing isn’t going right- the truth is- 99 other things are.

And I like this attitude, I like feeling that everything is going to work out. I don’t have to get all worked up over anything really. If someone told me ahead of time- things are going to come and go in your life, some are gonna seem good, some are not gonna seem so good, but guess what… It’s always going to work out.

How might I change? How might I change my way of thinking and my way of being internally? I think I would spend more time here… relaxing, enjoying and contemplating these philosophical thoughts that just calm me down and allow me to appreciate that which is around me that is natural and beautiful and here for my pleasure.

All I have to do is take a breath, breathe it out and smell the roses.

Om Shanti.