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A Letting Go Meditation

I love guided meditations!  In fact, when I first began meditating, I would listen to guided commentaries more often than not. Not only did I learn a lot and have some great experiences, I found that sometimes listening to another person’s stream of consciousness provided a fresh perspective that I may not have considered if I had just gone at it alone.

My style of meditation is based on a derivation of Raja Yoga Meditation. Raja Yoga is an open eyed meditation. While not required, practicing meditation with our eyes open allows us get in the habit of being able to direct the flow of our thoughts and feelings at any time- whether we are at work or in conversation or anywhere where closing our eyes is not an option!

To practice this style of meditation, no postures are required.  You may sit, stand or lay down in any position that is comfortable for you. Obviously laying down may not be the best option, since many of us tend to doze off if we get too comfortable.

Below is the transcription for this meditation. Of course, I encourage you to listen to the audio stream first.  Lastly, I end the meditation with the phrase ‘Om Shanti.’ In Hindi, this translates to I am peace. Om means ‘I am,’ and shanti means ‘peace.’ This is how yogis often begin and end a guided meditation.

*Please note when I use the term soul- I am referring to the human consciousness that thinks, feels and is self aware.

Enjoy and please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below!

Letting Go Meditation

For the next few minutes, I am going to set aside, to the best of my ability- any thoughts, concerns or things I have to do or things I have done.  Anything from the past or the future. I am going to try my best for the next 5-7 minutes to just be present with myself- with me. I am going to be present with me, the real me.

The real me… who is that? The real me that I know is the consciousness that is thinking right now. The point of consciousness that is feeling right now. I am not just a body. I am not my body parts. I am not the identities that I have attributed to myself or that society has attributed to me. I don’t fit in a box. I’m not just female or male. I’m not my career. I am the one who thinks and feels. I am the summation of my thoughts, my feelings and my tendencies- which make up my character. This body belongs to me and I am grateful for it. But I’m not the body. I am the spirit. I am the soul.

And when I let go of all of these identities and these attachments- for these few minutes, I can feel a relief, a quiet that is within my reach. A simplicity that comes with knowing that I don’t have to live up to all of these external standards or fit into these boxes… for now I can just be me. And I know deep down… I just want peace, quiet and to feel good. These things that I want were once mine and I am taking ownership of them once again.

I am great… I am awesome. Not because of the money I make. Not because of the people I know. Not because I think differently from others or alternatively, I fall in line with others. I am awesome because I am a conscient being who has realized that I am more than just these identities and the body.

I am unlimited. I am aware. And as my awareness of my own consciousness, of my own true identity grows… my sense of peace, my sense of quiet and clarity and power grows. I can feel however I want. It’s up to me… I choose. And I choose by directing my thoughts where I wish. Thoughts are a power that belong to me. And I am a master of my thoughts.

By directing my thoughts, I direct my feelings…and this knowledge is something I may have forgotten, but now I remember. I am a peaceful soul. I am a soul who wants to be loved and wants to give love. I am a soul like every other human being on this planet. And we all at the depth of it, we all want the same thing. In this way, there is no difference between us. And imagine- we can all feel great, we can all recognize our greatness and our true power, by letting go of these identities and the comparisons and accepting that it’s up to each of us.

The power to feel great and to embrace who I really am… is my choice. And all I have to do is turn inwards… let go of the external situations, the people, things and concerns- whatever they may be… and be real with myself.

Om Shanti.

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