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The Guided Meditation Podcast Series

In this meditation podcast series, every month you will find a new guided meditation with audio and transcription available.  I started this particular series in Feb 2016, so expect to see a dozen more by the end of the year. Click here to go directly to the podcast on iTunes.

Letting Go & Getting Real Guided Meditation

A 7 minute guided meditation on focusing on the most important person in the world. You!

The Space Between Our Thoughts

A guided meditation on cultivating and appreciating the sweet experience of the space between our thoughts.

Taking Time To Smell The Roses

Focusing on the importance of clearing our mental slate and making space for our natural state of well being to flourish. It’s in this state of mind where we can appreciate so much more including nature and other seemingly little things that we simply cannot take note of when our minds are busy.

Access the Cosmic Stream of Well Being

Experience the cosmic stream of well being that flows over everything and your innate inspiration and peace of mind with this guided meditation.

A Meditation for Feeling Inspired

This guided meditation especially focuses on connecting to our purpose and inspiration by tapping into that special space where time ceases to exist and absorption in experience begins.

Exploring Chanting Meditations 

In this meditation we chant the HU mantra. We also explore the sound healing effects of toning as well as how and why chanting works to put us into a state of trance.


Guided Meditation Podcast Series