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ET Contact & Disclosure

A few months back a friend of mine turned me onto Gaia TV, a kind of spiritual Netflix with all sorts of cosmic programming including shows like Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend you do. The material is so cutting edge you are sure to have your mind blown into the cosmos.

Prior to tuning into Gaia, I had just finished reading the Ra material, also known as the Law of One book, which in retrospect seemed to prepare me for everything I have learned in the last few months. I also highly recommend this especially if you already have some familiarity with books like Seth Speaks or the Nature of Personal Reality.

So what did Gaia TV do for me? It convinced me that science fiction is anything but fictional.

Now, obviously I believe in extra terrestrials to some extent because that is where so much channeled material is supposedly derived from and logically speaking the Universe is infinite, but surprisingly it never really struck me until now just how close to home all of this stuff is.

For instance Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, introduces himself as an extra terrestrial existing in the future.  The thing is- I never cared where Bashar was from. I just loved his message.  So until recently, that’s about as far as my train of thought went with it. I thought I was being practical because even if there are ETs floating about, how did it really make a difference in my day to day life?

Well  let’s just say I’ve had a major shift in perspective. All of this ET business is incredibly relevant to all of us and that’s what we are digging into with today’s interview.

ET Contact

It turns out a friend of mine from San Diego, Megan Carl has been on multiple contact expeditions with Dr. Stephen Greer, one of the world’s leading proponents of disclosure. This week I had a chance to speak with Megan. Check out the transcribed interview below or listen to it on iTunes.

Disclosure is a huge theme and it is so relevant to all of us even if we don’t realize it. Most of us are so involved in the nitty gritty of our personal lives that we don’t bother with what is going on at the highest levels of government and beyond.  While most of us acknowledge that corporations and the cabal have corrupted nearly every aspect of our lives from politics to media to food, it seems so overwhelming and deep rooted that we often just focus on what we can- getting by and if we are tuned in- getting spiritual.

I’m convinced that the ‘powers that be’ (or really the powers that were…because they are on the way out) have been holding back the knowledge of the existence of ETs because they understand how their power will crumble if this information were to be released. Religions, current archaic technology, dirty energy would all be a thing of the past if what is really going on was disclosed to the masses. So as you can imagine, it’s in the cabals best interest to keep all of this under wraps.

The thing is- people are waking up. Even Nasa and scientists have disclosed that waves of cosmic rays are reaching the Earth and are effecting our consciousness. It turns out that global warming has been happening on every planet in our solar system. Things are changing, so get ready and fasten your seat belt cause the ball is rolling and 2016 is going to be a pivotal year.

~ Interview Transcript ~

MK- I recently saw Sirius and it’s absolutely fascinating.  How did you get involved with Dr. Steven Greer’s work and what first drew you to ETs?  

MC- Well I guess what first got me into it might be beyond my current knowledge… I may have had contact when I was a little kid, but I was really into unsolved mysteries and just anything paranormal that I heard about. I grew up in a society where that was definitely not real, but there’s something that really felt real to me about it and when people would share their experiences… I felt there was a truth to what they were saying.

MK- It just really resonated with you.

MC- Yeah, I just I knew I wanted to know more about it and so as I got older I started watching YouTube videos and conspiracy videos of people talking about things that weren’t talked about in the mainstream media. I ended up finding a bunch of videos that seemed really legitimate and at that same time I was realizing the state that our world was in and felt that ETs must be here to help us. It was just as an intuitive feeling that I had, so I started praying to them and asking them- “If you can help us, then please help us.”

That was when I had my first ATV sighting- which is an extraterrestrial vehicle rather than an unidentified flying object. A different colored object appeared over my house, and my boyfriend at the time saw it and told me about it. It was just hovering there and flashing all these different colored lights and it was just within our atmosphere. We couldn’t figure out what it was. It came back a couple times and the last time it came back my boyfriend watched it fly out of the atmosphere.

MK- Was this around the time where you found out about Steven Greer and reached out?

MC- This was actually about a year before I knew who Dr. Steven Greer was. I found out about him when he started to promote his Sirius documentary and I was wondering why I had never heard of this guy before because he was really adamant about ET’s being benevolent and how connecting with them will help humanity. It just resonated with everything that I experienced and was feeling.

MK- Nice.  How did you get involved with the expeditions? When was your first one and then if you can give us the scoop… what happened?

MC- I had a contact experience prior to that and so that’s what really helped me dive in and  sign up for an expedition. So I knew what Dr. Greer was saying was legitimate (based on the following experience.)  

My friends and I were in Peru and we meditated asking for them (ETs) to appear. Then a light appeared in the sky where there were no planes. None of us had ever seen anything like that.

So I just kept in touch with Dr. Greer  and signed up for one of the expeditions and didn’t really know what to expect. I was really excited and nervous. It was in Arizona and it was in an undisclosed location. You are not supposed to share it with anybody because he has all sorts of stalkers and some people just try to show up wherever he’s at.  It was the most magical week I had ever experience and I really don’t know where to start!  

MK- Because you had definitive contact!

MC- Yes- definitive contact with a group of about 30 people and so to experience witnessing crafts come in with 29 other people was just…mindblowing!

MK- Yeah! It’s like what more do you want right? Well because this is the Vibrational Science Podcast we have to talk about vibrations and anybody who listens knows that I’m a big believer in channeled material and I’ve talked expressly about Abraham Hicks and their perspective in the Ask And It’s Given book which was a huge New York Times bestseller.

I guess what I’m leading up to here is that “skeptics,” from my perspective, will never experience ET contact because they are in fact skeptical.  It’s like most things in this universe and for some reason most of humanity doesn’t seem to have figured this out yet.  You have to actually ask,  you have to expect it and that’s just the way matter works on the quantum level. So you clearly wanted this with all of these people and then that combined with the power of the group… you all really wanted to experience contact and so you did!

MC- We did! It wasn’t intense contact in the first couple nights, but as people got more comfortable and released some fears about contact with these interdimensional beings… contact happened a lot more.  

MK- So what kind of contact did you experience? I ask because I think this universe is vibrational and we are vibrational- so I imagine that the ETs would make contact in a vibrational way…

MC- Yeah they contacted us in all sorts of ways. They appeared as orbs and lights in the sky. So there’s one thing called flash bulbs which is like a star that flashes in and out of space. We also have a satellite chart when we are out there so we know whether or not it’s a satellite and we also know where all the satellites are and we check everything like this to make sure it’s not a satellite.  

Flash bulbs are just a little way they can blip in and blip out of our third dimension.  Another common sighting is streakers which kind of looks like a shooting star, but they can be all sorts of colors- blue and red for instance, and sometimes they go in a trajectory that is not possible for a meteorite.

So they do come out and they come out for us to trust them more so we will want to make more contact.

MK-  Why do you think they want to contact us?

MC- They are really benevolent loving beings and they know that we are a part of their family and they are excited about helping us to expand our consciousness.

MK-  I heard a really nice analogy. I’m a huge environmentalist and before I really came to appreciate humanity, I was really just into the environment and animals and then I heard a beautiful quote by David Wilcock who said “If you really want to love the Earth- you have to love Earth’s people…” because we’re kind of a huge ecosystem and we humans are part of it.

In the same way that many humans have this kind of nurturing concern and love for second density beings like plants and animals… it’s similar for extraterrestrials. These ETs are conscious beings who in a sense are more evolved- they have crazy technology, they have figured out how to warp space and time to travel through it…. they are more evolved and in a sense they feel the same way towards us that we feel towards the plants and animals of this planet. So they are here to maybe help us in the same way that you are suggesting.

MC- Exactly. I think they want to welcome us into their family and also they are concerned about Earth and what we’re doing to her and so they they want to help us.  Anyone who has an intention to really help, expand consciousness, be more benevolent and do what they can to help us evolve- the ETs will be in contact with.

MK- We’ve seen that. We’ve seen nuclear facilities shutdown and of course on the surface and in the corporate media you will never hear why these things are shut down. How did a French warship completely melt from the inside out to make it ‘un-sea worthy.’  How does that even happen?

“Insiders” and people who believe in ETs and ET contact believe that the ETs have actually made an agreement to basically shut us down (in terms of nuclear technology). My understanding is that free will is the principal law of the universe because it is through free will and choice that we can experience and grow and that is why not everything is given to us on a silver platter and that’s why we are not explicitly told “This is the way the universe works or this is what’s going on…”

MC- We have to choose it…

MK- Absolutely. There is a veil of forgetfulness that is part of our evolution and it’s for that reason that ETs and beings from other densities or dimensions- whatever you want to call them don’t interfere, but they’ve made an exception when it comes to nuclear war and nuclear energy because apparently on the quantum level- it’s so destructive and not only is it destructive in our reality, but it actually ‘butterfly effects’ into different dimensions and  different zones of energy in the universe so they (ETs) have actually stepped in.

MC- Totally right…

MK- Do you think disclosure is coming soon?

MC- Yes definitely and my world is filled with people who readily accept this information, but Dr. Greer is making moves to make disclosure happen on a governmental level.

MK- So for the people who haven’t seen Sirius- they talked about it a little bit…

MC- There is a guy Steve Alten who I was actually on an expedition with in Florida-  he came, he’s a New York Times best selling author and he’s writing a fictional book that’s based on Dr. Greer’s story and he’s also creating a screenplay for a movie. So there’s that and it sounds like to me, I don’t know for sure of course… that our government is ready to disclose this information. It’s just inevitable.

MK- So many have come out. So many have come forward like Nasa employees, Air Force sergeants and then in the movie weren’t there like 100 folks with the highest clearance who came forward….

MC- Yeah over 100!  One thing he told us on my last expedition is that he taught the French government how to do ET contact.  He spent a week with them- with a bunch of top French government officials and the reason why other countries haven’t stepped aboard is because they have so many imports and exports with America. America is the country that is trying to prohibit this information and prohibit us from connecting us with ETs because we are in bed with the oil industry.

MK- It’s so bizarre to me because my understanding is that ETs have offered us free energy. After all that is how they travel- it’s not like they have to go back to their home base and dig up a bunch of carbon and fuel! Of course people have said we have reverse-engineered their technology, but they have also apparently given us free energy as an option. They have said  “Look you don’t need nuclear energy for planet Earth.”

MC- They want to help us and they want to help the Earth because it’s a conscious being within our shared universe. Yes, it’s ridiculous… it’s just the cabal- the secret society that is in power and wants to control everything…

MK- They don’t want things to change because that’s how they make their money. They are kind of like energy vampires- and physical vampires actually because they really will suck you dry! But anyway we don’t focus on that because whatever you think about, whatever you believe in- is what you get more of!  We don’t want to have our heads in the sand, but we also don’t want to become pessimistic fanatics…because you really can! If you get into the Illuminati and all that stuff- it’s a slippery slope and I’d rather just focus on the positive. I’m aware of the negative stuff but I don’t want to be hyper-focused on that. It doesn’t feel good.

MC- Oh yeah! And there is so much hope… connecting with ETs is one way that we can evolve and disclosure is inevitable…We can’t be on this track forever.

MK- Absolutely. It is inevitable.

MC- And so many good things are happening….

MK- When you are not scoping out ETs or going on expeditions. What are you up to?

MC-  Right now I’m working on an app that bridges the Gregorian calendar- our current time tracking system with the 13 moon calendar of natural time. And this 13 moon calendar of natural time is based on one of the Mayan calendars and it’s just a more harmonic time tracking system.  It’s 13 months of 28 days each, so 4 equal weeks in each month and that’s 364 days of the solar year.

MK- This is actually the calendar that we used to use (back in the day)…

MC- It was and you know I just saw that the Bolivian president saying he wants their country to go back to the 13 moon calendar.

MK- Right on.

MC- It might be a little different, I’m actually not sure… I know that we followed some kind of 13 moon calendar. Jose Argueyas is the guy that adapted this calendar and made one that would fit all cultures that we could synch up on and then there is one day out of time (the 365th day.)

MK- Beautiful! So what does the app do?

MC- The app is going to help people bridge the Gregorian calendar to the 13th moon calendar and schedule their lives to the 13 moon calendar.

MK- Oh so kind of a transition app…

MC- Yeah… it’s also going to have daily affirmations relating to Mayan astrology.

MK- Ooooh…we should talk about the Mayan ETs! But first why don’t you give everyone your URL?

MC- Sure it’s

MK- Cool. I’ll check that out as well. Have you heard about how the Mayans were contacted by ETs?

MC- I have! You know they have a ton of crazy artifacts and a whole museum in Peru…

MK- I’ve seen some pictures… Oh! One thing we did not mention is that when we talk about ETs…it’s commonly accepted amongst people who have had contact and those who follow this fascinating subject- that ETs are humans and that human form is part of the evolutionary process. So no matter where you are in the universe on your evolutionary path- no matter what planet- generally you are going to be in human form or hominid form by the time you get to this (our) stage.

MC- Yes it’s so cool! We are like ‘ape’ humans, but there are ETs that are like dolphin humans, cat humans….

MK-  So I think this is important to illuminate because people think of aliens from the movies or something- creepy beings and such, but majority are hominids- humans apparently. I myself have not had direct contact… if you tune in, you know that I channel (intuitively derive) a lot of my art and music, but I have not had as far as I know…full on ET contact where I have seen some physical manifestation.

But going back to the Mayans- I’ve seen some paintings and it’s interesting because you can tell there are human Mayans (from Earth) and then there are these beings where their skull is shaped different or they are a lot larger or something like that… it’s pretty fascinating.

Well thank you so much for joining us today Megan!

MC- Thank you for having me!

MK- It’s all so interesting…Are you going to go on an expedition soon?

MC- I’m thinking about it. There is one happening in September in Joshua Tree for people who have been on expeditions before- for ‘expert contacters.’ So I hope I can make it…I plan on it.

MK- Sounds fascinating. Thanks again.

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