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The Guest Healers Series

In this Vibrational Science series, we meet with an array of holistic healers and practitioners who share with us their approach to healing and their perspective on life, love and more. In the latest installment: Hypnotist Andy Sway, discusses the implications of reincarnation and the healing power of hypnosis.   +Click here to go directly to the Vibrational Science Podcast on iTunes.

Reincarnation, Past Lives and Healing with Hypnotist Andy Sway

Trained by Dolores Cannon, energy healer & hypnotist Andy Sway discusses reincarnation, past lives & the healing power of hypnosis.

Tell Your Story, Heal Your Heart

Completion Process Practitioner Nicole Nelson, joins us to discuss the healing power of storytelling and self-expression.

ET Contact & Disclosure with Megan Carl

Megan gives us the scoop on what it’s like to make contact. We also discuss why ET existence is covered up and why disclosure matters.

Bowen Therapy Success Stories with Rita Hart Smith

Rita and I swap amazing miraculous recovery stories with Bowen Therapy and other techniques including TRE and tapping.

A Shamanic Journey with Ashley Tomasino

Ashley gives us the scoop on how shamanic healing works and the power behind plant medicines like ayahuasca.


Guest Healers Series





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