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I was a blocked artist for many, many years because I thought being creative was something only talented or lucky people could tap into by will. I knew I had experienced moments of inspiration and always felt I had great taste and an eye for style. However, practically channeling that creativity when I wanted and where I wanted was something that seemed out of my grasp. It wasn’t until I read some great books such as “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron  that I was able to give myself some breathing room and realized that we are all endowed with great creativity and the ability to channel it. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to since I put the critic to bed!


Visit my Music page to find out more about my latest singles and my jazz record Vaudevellia!


Or check out the Gallery with paintings and drawings created since the “great epiphany” I had a few years ago. Here’s a peak of my latest portrait of a talented local artist Xandra from San Diego.

Design Portfolio by Kiravell

Acrylic on Canvas



If you fancy poetry, wit, lyrics and some storytelling, take a dive starting with Phosphorescence. Here’s a taster of the lyrics from my single Pache Mama.

You left impressions in my mind the way the wind sculpts grassy hills. You entered the doorway of my mind like a traveller in the night invited yet unexpected. You came in such a way and left like the wind powerful, subtle, impressive, intangible and here I am indebted to you. You inspired me…

You inspired me and I dreamt again. Forgotten dreams picked up where I left them. You completed my thoughts, finished my doubts, came but once without even a clue. I loved you, forgot you and then remembered you once more and now these waking dreams and words are again for you and of you… ….

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