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Wow this is one of my favorite activities in the world. Sharing with all of you my greatest discoveries in my personal journey.  I wouldn’t be where I am if not for some of these great resources.  Listed below you can find a few of my favorite books, healing modalities, cosmic artists and people that can most definitely change your life.

Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts- The Seth Books restored my personal power- get ready for a reality shift and check out the blog & podcast about this book. 
The I AM Discourses by Saint Germaine–  It’s all about the power of the sacred word OM (which is hindi/sanscrit for ‘I AM’) Check out the Vibrational Science Blog & Podcast on this book.
Abraham– Beautiful and straightforward books on feeling good and living well- channeled by Esther Hicks.
RA & The Law of One Series– Intuitively derived from the 80’s between a 6th density ET consciousness & a PHD scientist.
Orin DaBen– Channeled by Sanaya Roman, these gentle guides are truly inspiring.
Bashar– Channeled by Darryl Anka, Bashar is an ET from our future whose posi/+ insights are both entertaining and uplifting.

The Power of the Other Hand by Lucia Capacchione- I broke out of the artist closet thanks to my other hand.
The Artists Way by Julia Cameron- The Artist’s Way is for making space for the inner artist in each of us.
Becoming A Writer by Dorothea Brande
The Law & the Promise by Neville Goddard- Imagination is God. You are imagination! Neville is a game changer!
The Genie Within by Harry Carpenter– Transformation using the easiest meditation practices in the world.
Eat to Live by Joel Furhman- Learn about nutrient density and transform your health.
The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge- A fascinating read on brain plasticity.
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. She teaches anyone how to see then draw.
The Custodians by Dolores Cannon. Prepare to have your mind blown and beliefs challenged. Here’s one of my favorite Vibrational Science interviews with Andy Sway who was trained by Dolores Cannon in Quantum Healing Hypnosis. 

Quantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor- Love this book! Here’s a review in the blog & podcast.

Lifeflow Brain Entrainment– Ever heard we only use 10% of our brains? Boost your brain potential and experience life from up high! It’s meditating without having to meditate. Get started with a free download.
Earthing by Clinton Ober- I got grounded and I finally started sleeping soundly.
iGodMind Entrainment and Subliminal Hi-Def Videos– Just got turned onto these recently.  Amazing quality HD footage with binaural beats, great music and both visual and spoken subliminal messages.  Over 40 videos available on increasing abundance, improving health and more.
Bowen Therapy– The trippiest, most powerful, yet gentle hands on therapeutic technique for pain relief. My mom lost her job of 30 years at Henry Ford Hospital due to severe chronic migraines. Bowen saved her life and now she’s a Bowen practitioner!
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)– When negative emotions don’t get expressed or transformed, they often get trapped in different parts of our body. I call these vibrational wrinkles or kinks. EFT gets the kinks out.
Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson- A super fast way using magnets and muscle testing to get those vibrational wrinkles and kinks out of your system.
Crystals, Aromatherapy and Free Energy Tesla plates– Super easy ways to raise your vibration, become more intuitive, feel more energetic, feel more anything you want! Check out the Vibrational Science Series on these energetic bundles of joy in the Tools for Healing Series.
Alkaline water and water medicine– Alkaline, micro-clustered, negative ORP water! We are 70% water afterall! I’ve seen people turn their health around overnight with this water.

Agnes Vivarelli: Law of Attraction Coach specializing in manifesting a specific person
Amanda from Create Your Future: Another one of my favorite Neville Goddard Law of Attraction coaches specializing in the mental diet.
Joseph Alai: New on the scene, but an old soul who might just be Neville reincarnated! Master of manifesting with imaginal scenes.
Amy from Illuminating Joy: No nonsense- yet very playful spirit who has some really unique takes on manifesting
David Wilcock: New age author, researcher, synthesizer of the most bad ass science and spiritual concepts that have been surpressed in mainstream media. Also the host of some of my favorite shows on Gaia TV.

Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. 10,000 pages of cosmic magic (ok book 10 is a little slow, but 12-14 more than make up for it!)
Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Every page inspired and tickled my imagination. Hundreds of pages of insanely beautiful ideas, imagery and storytelling.

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke– Mesmerizing words that caress your heart, soul and mind.
Android Jones
Alphonse Mucha
Gustav Klimpt
Salvador Dali
Édouard Manet
Sandro Botticelli
Benvenuto Cellini’s statue Perseus
Sistine Chapel

Envision! Costa Rica- Actually manifested a free ticket and ride to this in early 2019 in four days, 2 weeks prior! Epic festival and lineup!
Burning Man Baby!
Decompression San Diego- I made a music video featuring footage of Youtopia- San Diego’s Burning Man regional. Check it out below.




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