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Welcome back for another easy meditation technique in the Breakfast for the Soul Series! Here’s an audio version of ‘Dream Your Biggest Dream’ for your listening pleasure or check out the podcast here.

Your Biggest Dream : Eleanor Roosevelt quote


What’s Your Biggest Dream?

Believe it or not- dreaming purposefully is a form of meditation and a powerful manifestation technique! Science has shown that the mind cannot distinguish between imagination and reality. For example, if you dream that someone is chasing you, you will probably experience the thrill or the fear of the chase and your body will physiologically respond to those feelings. So what happens when we reminisce or contemplate over something positive and wonderful while awake? Whether it has been manifested in reality or not, we will experience the joy of the experience and physiologically our bodies will respond as well.  Here we have brought an experience in the mind into our physical reality.

Now there are many forms of meditation out there and sometimes it takes some time to find the right fit.  That’s why I’m including several techniques in this soul food series. The practice I have the most experience with is a variation of Raja Yoga Meditation.  This form of meditation really resonates with me, so I have been joyfully practicing it for nearly 20 years!

In the Raja Yoga community, meditation is colloquially referred to as remembrance! This is because a Raja Yogi is remembering their original qualities of peace, happiness, love and bliss in meditation.  Of course in the beginning, here is where we may have to use our imagination.  At first it may be challenging to remember a time in recent memory where we’ve been the embodiment of peace or bliss! But as the ancient proverb says “one will never miss what they have never known.” So trust that at one time this was something you knew and experienced thoroughly and get ready for some epic experiences!

Our exercise today is to dream up a scenario and see how our minds and bodies respond in turn. In other words, it’s time to fantasize or conjure up something from our imagination to evoke some semblance of the feelings you want to experience. Remember, the mind doesn’t know the difference and eventually these feelings will become familiar and then completely natural.

Some of my very first purposeful day-dreaming meditations were of me visiting a secret garden filled with the most exquisite flowers, opening up to my private beach with epic surf.  Surfing perfect uncrowded epic surf was one of my biggest dreams back in the day! There were beautiful animals and creatures that would come play with me without fear. I felt completely safe, care-free and loved in this incredibly peaceful place. 

When we contemplate some memory, “daydream” or  imagine some scenario, depending on how deeply we become absorbed in the experience, we may not even hear someone calling our names on a conscious level.  This is the depth of experience we are aiming for with our meditation practice. When we enter into this “feeling” state from our meditation, the mind will generally slow down as it becomes more absorbed. When I originally learned Raja Yoga meditation, they likened the mind to a child in a candy store. When the mind is given positive and powerful thoughts and experiences, it will naturally slow down to “savor” the feeling.

Let’s say your dream is to be a super successful sales representative. How would you feel in those shoes? Powerful, magnetic, charismatic, wealthy, free? The idea is by dreaming your biggest dream you will begin to experience the feelings you are really after with your desire. These feelings are magnetic and compound one another and as you already know, they have an immediate physiological impact on the physical body.

If you can’t make it to a meditation center, check out this book by Esther Hicks/Abraham. It’s all about how feeling good is the key to creating the life of your dreams. And the key to feeling good is using your imagination to shift your perspective and vibrations!

+Looking to go beyond just feeling good?  Want to make your dream your practical reality? Click here to check out 5 Essential Steps for Manifesting from Seed to Bloom.

Now one may initially think- If you dream your biggest dream during meditation, as you progress through your day, you’ll just end up feeling depressed! So here’s another spin. If your dream is to be the next Michael Jordan and practically that’s not an option, then focus on another scenario. What about working with Michael Jordan?  Let your imagination run! There are many different scenarios that could evoke any given set of feelings and experiences.

+If you want to go into the depth of this meditation technique, I also highly recommend Sanaya Roman’s book Creating Money. (Btw- the principals in this book can be applied to creating your ideal life whether that includes money or not.)

The whole point of meditation is to take the human experience to the next level in terms of happiness, peace, joy and so on. The more we become absorbed, the more we experience the feelings and stillness between our thoughts.  This makes for a happy mind!  With a consistent practice of even 5-10 minutes a day, you can learn to direct the flow of your moods, thoughts and experiences thereby directly affecting your outer world, health, relationships, situations and experiences.

I know our biggest dreams can be pretty personal, but I’d love for you to share how letting your mind go and dreaming your biggest dream makes you feel. Drop me a line in the comments below and if you dig this post, share it with your friends and loved ones on your social networks. If you listened to this episode, please visit iTunes and leave a rating, review and/or subscribe.

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