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An Easy Visualization Meditation for Getting Grounded!

So far in the Breakfast for the Soul series we’ve explored how to access your subconscious via journaling in combination with some super easy meditations including the gratitude meditation. Today I’ll be sharing a visualization meditation and some practical alternatives on how to get grounded which will help us to maintain a balance between nurturing our imaginative creative side while keeping us centered, practical and stable in the “real” world.

Purposeful visualization is an incredibly powerful aid in meditation, and while it can be a bit challenging in the beginning, the good news is that “seeing with the third eye” is an innate gift we all have and with practice one can most definitely strengthen their ability to visualize. So if you’re feeling a bit rusty, don’t sweat it… just do the best you can and with time your ability to visualize will become sharper and more controlled.

Without going into too much “woo-woo” detail, grounding ourselves is an incredibly important part of our meditation practice because as spiritual beings in a physical world it is essential to keep ourselves connected and balanced between our inner world and outer world. You can think of it as a balancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, or if you are a chakra enthusiast- consider it as nurturing the lower chakras in addition to the upper chakras, alternatively if you like to think of it from an eastern perspective, it’s important to balance the energy from the heavens as well as from the earthly plane in our daily practice.

To manifest the life of our dreams, we have to both get grounded as well as use our imagination and ‘dream’.  If someone only lives in their head they will never get anything done and some people on the extreme side of the spectrum may become delusional. Alternatively, if someone lives too practically without using their creativity, imagination and connecting to their divine inspiration and soul purpose, their life will feel dry and unfulfilling.

In other words, there are two parts to the “human-being” equation. One is physical and the other is metaphysical. 

In this visualization meditation, we are going to use the best of both worlds, by using our imaginative powers and our physical connection to the earth to integrate our energies.

The Method: Start by meditating in nature with your feet on the earth and imagine prana or negative ions or light (however you would like to feel and see this) coming through your feet from the earth and running up to and through the base of your spine. If you want to get creative, you can imagine roots of light emanating from your feet and going deep into the earth.

Alternate Method: For some of us, getting out in nature isn’t an easy option, in which case you can just imagine or visualize energy in the form of light connecting you to the earth. If visualizing this is challenging, then practice cultivating the belief that there is an energy and life force that you are connected to on the earth plane. You can do this with affirmations and through studying! A simple affirmation could be “I am practical, grounded and rooted to the earth.” Affirmations such as this will work on your subconscious over time.

Alternative Method 2: If grounding through meditation simply isn’t for you at this time, then consider using earthing sheets and products. These products grant us the healing ability of nature while being indoors. They work by transmitting negative ions from the earth to your body without direct contact! I used to be the lightest sleeper before I discovered earthing sheets. For more information on modern methods on getting grounded, check out the Earthing book and products!

My grounding meditation is actually a combination of all of the methods!  I sit on an earthing pad which is essentially the equivalent of sitting outside on the grass. I then also imagine a beam of light connecting me to the earth and a beam of light connecting me to the heavens.

With my mind’s eye this looks as though I am standing in a pillar of light that runs from deep in the earth through me and up into the sky. Then I cultivate the “feeling” that I am both bringing my spiritual energy down and manifesting it on the earthly plane. I often use an affirmation such as “I channel divinity from the heavens and express this energy through practical action on earth.” Sometimes I imagine another branch of light emanating from my heart. So it’s like I am a conduit for positive spiritual and earthly energy and it pours out of my heart chakra. This feels really great if you can get into it.

Like most practices, intention is half the battle. Often times in the beginning our critical side can kick in and we may become skeptical of an abstract practice such as this, but energetically and subconsciously we are programming ourselves to balance our energies and integrate our spiritual intangible energies with our physical reality.

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