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Clearing The Way For Positive Energy

My world was literally turned on it’s head a couple years ago after reading some of the Seth Books by Jane Roberts.  Why you might ask? Well, as Seth explains in one of my favorite books of all time- “The Nature of Personal Reality”– our outer world reality is essentially a projection of whatever we internally focus on.  This concept blew my mind at the time and it resonated with me so strongly that I began to experiment with it right away.

With further practice and attention, I found the concept that we are master creators of our reality to be very true. By moulding my inner world of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and attitudes; I shift my focus and the general direction of my mind and heart, thereby altering my experience of my outer world.

One of my initial experiments was with manifesting the home of my dreams.  As an artist and beach lover, I have a propensity for big beautiful coastal homes that generally run outside my budget! In order to live in my ideal home, I have chosen to live in various artist collectives.  But living with people hasn’t always been easy for me, until I shifted my inner attitude and belief system about living with others.

I used to have the belief that living with people was challenging. Now I have the belief system that living with the right people is easy. And now it really is!  Since shifting my belief system, I have only attracted awesome living situations and house mates who are easy-going, clean, friendly, fun and hard working.

So how did I transform my belief and focus?  Gratitude meditations and positive thinking are a couple ways we can shift our focus, but sometimes we need to clear out the old to make way for the new. Sometimes it’s hard to believe in our positive thoughts, when there are old nagging feelings just below the surface.

Today, I’m sharing a technique that energy healer Marisa Moris shared with me for removing negative beliefs and energy. By clearing out the old, we make space for planting positive energy and beliefs of our choosing.

This meditation works really well with our subconscious and conscious minds since we use visualization, intention, and  feelings (which our subconscious loves) and language (which our conscious mind loves) to transform our old beliefs.

Positive Energy

  1. Get into a relaxed  state of mind perhaps by beginning with a gratitude meditation or doing some breathing exercises.
  2. Hold your hands about a foot apart from one another as though you are holding an imaginary beach ball.
  3. Say an affirmation similar to the following: I now release into the space between my hands any negative energy, beliefs, attitudes and/or feelings that are not for my highest and best or in support of my soul purpose and passions. (You can be specific here… so using my example above I would say something like: I release any negative energies that are holding me back from living in a harmonious living situation.)
  4. Imagine or visualize this energy as gray matter being pulled out of your energy field and coming into the space between your hands.  You can use your imagination here, if it’s difficult to visualize this then just trust that any energy that isn’t for your highest and best or in line with your intentions is being pushed out of your energy field and into this space.
  5. Now imagine gold, white or lavender light coming down from the heavens or from your heart and transforming and transmuting the energy between your hands. Or just imagine that with the strength of your will you are changing the color of this energy to white, gold or lavender.
  6. Once you have shifted the color of this energy, release it and let it dissipate.
  7. Now say and visualize the positive affirmation that you would like to plant in place of the energy you just cleared. Using my example above, after having done steps 1-6, I would visualize myself living in a harmonious living situation where I felt really happy and content with my roommates and I would follow that with positive affirmations such as “I love living with my housemates. Living with others is easy for me. I attract respectful, positive roommates” and so on…

Do this clearing meditation daily for 3 weeks to make way for positive energy and beliefs to take root and let me know how it goes in the comments below!  I have had really amazing experiences with removing old patterns this way. In my experience, it’s best to focus on one set of beliefs at a time- you will also get a better handle on your results this way.

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Lastly, here is a quick link to my favorite Seth book of all time which inspired the Vibrational Science Blog!

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