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The Meaning of OM & Using it as a Launching Pad to Connect with your Higher Self!

Why do we meditate? There are probably as many responses to this question as there are people meditating!  For most of us though, we meditate to do many of the following: from quieting our minds to experiencing more peace, power, love, joy or some other fulfilling quality. One of the most powerful meditations for bringing about whatever you want to feel is by connecting and merging identities with your higher ideal self and ultimate potential.

This is much easier than it sounds and is truly one of the most  enjoyable and empowering experiences available to every human being.  The foundation for this technique can be found in Raja Yoga Meditation teachings as well as more western teachings such as those shared in the St. Germaine “I AM” Discourses. By the way, I highly recommend the “I AM” Discourses for getting the most out of this meditation technique. The concept presented in this book is simple and powerful.  By using the words “I AM” you automatically bring into your reality the experience of whatever you are identifying with.  And this is essentially the technique I am sharing today for identifying with your highest ideal self and ultimate potential.

Heads up! This meditation requires you to suspend your disbelief.  Have you heard the expression “you’ll never miss what you never knew”? This is the basis for suspending any doubts over your highest potential existing. You wouldn’t want to experience true love, peace or super-sensuous joy if you never had any inkling of it. So get ready because we are going to imagine ourselves in our happiest, most joyful and peaceful state possible.

There’s another expression “Fake it, till you make it” which is also useful here. Even if we don’t truly feel we can be this peaceful or joyful in reality, we are going to imagine stepping inside the shoes of ourselves as though we were in that place.  We are going to feel that balance of confidence and humility, that peace and joy, that love and compassion, that clarity and wisdom and we are going to dismiss any doubts for the duration of this meditation.

We are going to start by saying “I am ” and then add on any quality we want to experience and embody.   You could start by saying “I am compassion and love”,  “I am health” or  “I am wisdom.” Take one “I am” statement and elaborate on it.  Imagine feeling what that is like. Imagine what you would look like being the embodiment of it.  If you can’t imagine yourself being that, imagine someone you have seen who seems to be that and then step into that experience and own it!

The meaning of OM, a sacred word chanted around the world actually means “I AM!”  This is why in Raja Yoga Meditation we use the greeting “Om Shanti.” Shanti means peace.  So this greeting is saying “I am peace!”  The power of the sound vibration “OM” is amplified when it is coupled with the conscious understanding that it means “I Am”.

Meaning of Om

As explained in the “I AM Discourses”, when I say ‘I am love’, or ‘I am health’, or ‘I am clarity’ for example, on a quantum level I am setting and sending energy in motion throughout my energy field, my body and into my reality.

Every thought and feeling we create and have is akin to throwing a pebble into the pond of our reality.  Each thought and feeling creates ripples in our energy field and bodies which effect our outer world.  The force and intensity of each thought will also determine how far our energetic ripple will propagate. 

The more we identify with our higher selves and feel that “I am my highest self”  the more we are casting a very powerful thought and experience into our reality.

If I’m in a mental funk of some sort and I simply can’t step into the ‘shoes’ of my higher ideal self, I will instead have a conversation with my higher self as though it is the future me.  I literally imagine a version of me in a body of light… kind of like an angel sitting across from me. Sometimes we’ll meet in an exotic land of my creation and choosing. This version of me is totally complete, content, enlightened and fulfilled.  She’s also incredibly witty and clever!  The old adage ‘you are colored by the company you keep’ rings true for me here. After spending some time with someone that is in such a good space, I can’t help but be influenced in a positive way.  And then there is also the spiritual intoxication that arises from knowing that this person I so admire is actually me at my best. Usually at this point I can literally step into the shoes of my higher self by the end of this meditative conversation!

The benefits are endless and like the butterfly effect not only do we get to enjoy the ride with the wings of our mind, we automatically influence our physical bodies, atmosphere and environment.  We are the creators of our worlds. It’s up to us to set the ‘vibe’ of our surroundings and life.

This meditation is incredibly easy once you get the hang of it, but the foundation of it is based on some very deep spiritual principals that are explained in depth in Raja Yoga meditation courses as well as in books such as the St. Germaine I AM discourses.

Drop me a line and let me know how it goes and if you enjoyed this article, please share this with your friends and loved ones on your social networks!

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