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 Knowledge is Power

So far in the Breakfast for the Soul series, we’ve covered the importance and power behind some easy techniques for journaling and meditation.  Today’s suggestions will also aid you in enhancing your overall sense of well being by simply introducing something spiritual and positive to think on before you begin your day.

Most of us have come across the expression ‘Knowledge is Power.’ However considering modern life, you might just be thinking that as it stands you are inundated with information all day long. That you don’t want to ‘know’ or hear any more… especially in the morning!

Here’s the difference though. I’m suggesting that after your journaling and meditation practice, take just one positive thought for the day, one affirmation, paragraph or blessing from a source of your choice and read it, think on it and keep the essence of it with you throughout the day.

+Journaling: To access our subconscious mind

The essence or this point of knowledge can be as simple as “I am amusing and carefree” or as complex and deep as “I am the creator of my reality!”

Since the mind loves to wander, having something positive to come back to throughout the day is incredibly grounding and stabilizing for us.  The positive affirmations or knowledge we are taking in is also going to sink in much more easily because we have prepped our mind with our morning practice of journaling and meditating.

The process of journaling allows our mind to settle down in the morning and with meditation we are ‘raising our vibration’ and opening our consciousness to higher planes of thought and feelings.

Afterwards, when we read something positive and enlightening we are able to really imbibe what we learn, we are able to see it and understand it more clearly.  I’ve had my greatest realizations in understanding material after having meditated and journaled (i.e. vomited on paper)!

Think of journaling and meditation as cleansing the windshield of your mind. Once it’s been cleansed you can see everything with much more clarity and wisdom.   When you churn or ponder points of spiritual knowledge  such as “I am a spiritual being living in a vessel of my creation” or “following my joy is the path of least resistance to my fulfillment and purpose” you will be able to more easily feel and experience these points. It’s one thing to know something on the surface with the intellect, it’s another to relate, experience and feel something at the level of the heart. When something resonates with you at this level then it becomes part of your belief system.

Knowledge is Power

As spiritual positive knowledge becomes part of your belief system, your reality and manifestation abilities will automatically mirror what you have internalized!

I really love to read high vibration cosmic channeled material from guides including: Seth, Bashar, Orin and Daben, St. Germaine, Abraham and BapDada after my morning meditation.   In the Knowledge is Power series, I give overviews of some of these amazing guides and the kind of material they cover so you’ll never be in short supply! Below is my favorite Seth book of all time!

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