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Access your subconscious mind

Breakfast 4 the Soul: How to Access your Subconscious Mind

When we think of survival most of us automatically think of food, water and shelter for our physical vessels. But isn’t life more than just surviving? Life is about thriving- and one of the keys to thriving is quality of experience.  If I have a marathon to run,  I could eat donuts for breakfast or alternatively power up on a nutritious meal giving my body the energy and resources it would need to give me 100%.

Just like the body’s health and fitness can be built up over a period of time to give us greater productivity and quality of experience, the spirit and mind can also give me a much greater return in terms of enhanced intuition, creativity, will power and clarity-  if I  simply take the time to nurture the soul.

It’s common knowledge we consciously use only 10% of our  brain power or mental capacity.  Imagine having access to a portion of the other 90%!

Throughout the day our conscious mind has been at work, but when night comes and we head off into the world of sleep, our subconscious mind takes the reigns.  And while the body has been fasting and repairing, resting and cleansing,  the soul has been living and awake, in other words some part of our other 90% has been incredibly active!  At this time, the spirit has been actively dreaming, intuiting, processing and exploring.  Part this Breakfast for the Soul Series is to help us gain access to that information swirling around in the depths of our minds.

Why do we want access to our subconscious mind? Because knowledge is power and clarity. These qualities in turn give us greater happiness and peace, which at the end of the day- is what we all want most!

An easy way to bridge the gap between our genius subconscious mind and our conscious mind is to journal.  Ever since I began journaling regularly, my life has done a 180.   For years, I used to think journaling was boring and I couldn’t understand how or why people would bother with it until I experimented with it and experienced it’s power.

Journaling upon waking:  When you wake up and journal, you are more likely to remember your dreams. Writing down your dreams is like holding onto a key that has access to a deeper portion of your mind.  It’s an intangible connection to that part of you that lives far below the surface.

Even if you can’t remember your dreams when you wake up, start writing your first thoughts, feelings, and concerns.  At this time, you are still in a relatively groggy state and this state known as theta or beta for brain wave enthusiasts is a very creative intuitive space. When you write in this space you have much greater access to that subconscious side of your self, because the left brained critical thinking part isn’t as of yet fully engaged.

Even if you are writing something mundane, it’s amazing the other thoughts and ideas that will float by in the peripheral vision of your mind. Again, this is because you are in that special space between worlds.  This is the space most meditators, artists, scientists, and writers access when they are in the zone.  We all have been there and in a later article I’ll go into depth on how to go there at will. But journaling upon waking is a surefire method for gaining easy access to this magical wonderland.

I have had breakthroughs, solutions, questions answered, brilliant ideas, clarity, closure and so much more in my morning journaling sessions. Sometimes I journal for 5 minutes, sometimes for an hour.  Time doesn’t seem to matter in this space.  What I need becomes present during this magical time.

If you are looking for some journaling exercises to get you started on unlocking the magic tucked away in the depths of your mind, I highly recommend “The Power of the Other Hand” by Luccia Capaccione or The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

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