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The Breakfast For The Soul Series

In this series we review and discuss various meditations and quick or easy practices one can incorporate into their morning routine, thereby kicking off the day in high spirits.  Doctors always talk about nourishing our bodies in the morning, well yogis and ‘spiritual scientists’ suggest the same for the mind. Voila! Introducing… “Breakfast for the Soul!” Click here to go directly to the Vibrational Science Podcast on iTunes.

Part I: Journaling to Access your Subconscious Mind

Delve into the power of journaling. Why journaling is so powerful and some easy and fun techniques to get started.

Part II: The Easiest Meditation Technique for Busy People

The practice of gratitude and appreciation is truly the easiest form of pro-active positive thinking i.e. meditation! Check out how to get started.

Part III: Another Super Easy Meditation Technique

A great way to raise your vibration and start feeling good is to suspend your disbelief and imagine.

Part IV: Get Grounded! A Visualization Meditation

Using your imagination to ground yourself, feel rooted and centered.

Part V: Clear the way for Positive Energy

A wonderful technique a medium shared with me for clearing subconscious blocks and energy that could be holding you back.

Part VI: The meaning of ‘OM’ and why it makes meditation so powerful

The power of the word ‘OM’ is all in it’s meaning and your intention.

Part VII: Knowledge is Power!

Will power is not the only kind of power you can leverage to make the changes you want in your life.


Breakfast for the soul