A Vibrational Scientist’s Spiritual Journey

Meniyka Kiravell Spiritual JourneyI’ve had a wild and surreal life. Around the age of 12, I began having out of body experiences on a nightly basis. At the age of 13, I experienced my first conscious telepathic communication and by 18, I knew that no matter how much trouble I stirred up, that I was taken care of and divinely guided.   

Like many star seeds, it took me a while to understand this world.  I would spend countless days and nights trying to remember what it is that I had forgotten before I became ‘Meniyka.’  People around me seemed oblivious to sacredness and the underlying energetic reality of the world around us.  For instance, I loved the planet and nature more than life itself, where as the kids around me would abuse animals just for fun. I simply could not comprehend human beings.

Lost in my own internal world for most of my adolescence, I started to catch on to the way our world works by my teen age years. I mimicked, I copied- eventually getting my head out of the clouds and began making friends, discovering music and the arts. Since I had had no luck in wrapping my mind around the motivations of the mainstream, creative pursuits and altered states of consciousness became my MO.

I obtained a degree in Environmental Policy from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. During that time my world exploded as I was exposed to music, art and literature from around the world. I used to think to myself… “I don’t understand this world and why people do what they do, but if I have to stick it out here on planet Earth- I just want to make art and nature my everything.”

And I did… until I received a telepathic communication/vision to travel to India and learn Raja Yoga meditation from a cultish society.  I say cult because like most religions- the members feel entitled, special and chosen. ‘Their god is the real god.’ (I know… major red flag!) It never did sit right with me in my heart, but I liked the meditation and the yogis who had not yet succumbed to the ego of the ranks. Most were really kind and had beautiful intentions. With them, I learned about my spiritual power as a creator of my reality. I came to experience myself once again as an energy being playing a part in a physical projection we mould from matter. I also learned about the astral world and other planes of existence that I had played in as a child.

I spent my 20’s meditating, traveling the world, surfing and studying natural medicine. I put art and music aside because I wanted to feel my self-worth fully- irrespective of externalities. With playing music for instance, ego kept rearing it’s ugly head. I had a deep desire to do things from a pure place…because I loved to do them, not because they made me feel worthy or better than someone else.

In my 30’s I moved back to the United States to treat my mother. She suffered from disabling migraines and had lost her job two years prior at the hospital where she had worked for over 30 years. Using 100% natural techniques and energy medicine, my mother’s health rebounded within three weeks. I chose to stay close to home and settled once again in California. This time in San Diego.

Having come full circle, I am back in America as a psychedelic and conscious creative human being. I embraced music and the arts again because I finally achieved some semblance of balance- creating for the joy of creating, letting go of limiting beliefs and comparisons & coming from a more authentic place. I also found my tribe here. I am surrounded by like minded spirits- spiritual warriors, defenders of the earth and visionary artists.

In 2014, I started the Vibrational Science Blog & Podcast where I further explore the vibrational nature of our reality, healing techniques and esoteric sciences. In 2015, I released my first solo record “Vaudevellia!” to great reviews. To find out more about me and my music, please check out this Artist Feature from the Huffington Post.

Thanks for visiting. My aim with this site is to inspire and expand our collective conscious. I openly share my personal breakthroughs with self expression and some of the highlights of my spiritual journey, as well as guided meditations and interviews with an array of healers. Welcome and come again!

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