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Is my music actually a form of music therapy? Well I’ve certainly experienced it’s positive effect on my life and those around me; and I created it with the special intention of being sonically engaging and energetically uplifting.  People from around the world have written me and shared how the music gives them a sense of peace. For me personally, I began painting regularly and my spiritual understanding of some concepts I’d been studying for ages finally began to make sense to me. And this may be a coincidence, but I think not- my music engineer went from a fast food diet to being vegan within a couple months of editing this record!

Check it out for yourself below using the streaming player.  Vaudevellia! is currently out in stores on iTunes Music, Amazon, Spotify & Bandcamp. Physical CD’s are available for purchase on Amazon and in the Shop.

Vaudevellia! has been getting some amazing press of late.  For more- please visit my official music website at KiravellMusic.com  I especially appreciate the insightful review from the folks at Speak Into My Good Eye for highlighting Vibrational Sciences and touching on the healing power of music in their review.

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Below you will also find my latest tunes and music videos including the romantic fall 2015 instrumental piano single Respirar.  The music video for Cirque des Vies recently screened at the San Diego Film Festival.  For more deets on my musical works- please swing by my Official Music Website at Kiravellmusic.com!

Original Music Videos

Original Music

Listen to Vaudevellia!

Listen to the Vaudevellia Instrumentals!

Listen to the Fall 2015 Piano Jazz Instrumentals

Music Credits

Voice, Piano, Keys, Strings- Meniyka Kiravell
Drums- Julien Cantelm
Cello, Bass, Mandolin, Guitar- Ignacio Hernandez
Hand Percussion- Ignacio Hernandez
Violin- Jamie Shadowlight
Music and lyrics written by Meniyka Kiravell

Recorded in San Diego,California
Engineered by Ignacio Hernandez
Mixed by Patrick Norton
Produced by Meniyka Kiravell
Art and Design by Meniyka Kiravell
Original Music Videos by Marcus Macfarlane & Meniyka Kiravell


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