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We are all made of energy and all energy travels. I’ve been told by the mystics in India that our intentions have an energy of their own that travels with our creations whether it be in the form of our thoughts, words, feelings or actions.

I’m sure there are hundreds of ways to describe this philosophy- I refer to it as Vibrational Sciences.  In fact, the concept of Vibrational Sciences has so transformed my way of thinking that I started the Vibrational Science Blog and Podcast in 2014.

Along with heaps of tips on meditation & holistic practices, here you will also find an array of my personal works ranging from poetry to piano jazz to paintings.

Swing by the shop for your own Kiravell fine art print, Vibrational Science Tshirt or CD.   In 2015, my record Vaudevellia! was released in major outlets and stores including iTunes, Amazon and more. To find out more about my music & the latest releases, please head on over to my official music website at

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Here are a few samples of some paintings, sketches and drawings using acrylic paint, graphite, colored pencil and india ink. See more in the Gallery.

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